The Conference

We bring together the world’s frontrunners and trendsetters in science, industry and investment to highlight the most promising technologies and startups that are building our Tomorrow.

During three days, more than 2,000 innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and journalist will meet in Paris around keynotes, roundtables, workshops, one-to-one meetings & startup pitches

Hello Tomorrow

& Agriculture

Hello Tomorrow

Energy &

Hello Tomorrow

& Materials

Hello Tomorrow


Hello Tomorrow


Hello Tomorrow

& Mobility


Dirk Alhborn
CEO - Hyperloop

Alana Ackerson
CEO - The Thiel Foundation

David Miller
Chief Technologist - NASA

Bedy Yang
Managing Partner - 500Startups

Obi Felten
Moonshots - Google[x]

Mike Butcher
Chief Editor - TechCrunch

Rob High
CTO - Watson, IBM

Qasar Younis
Partner - Y Combinator

Gurjeet Singh
CEO & Founder at Ayasdi

Syed Karim
CEO & Founder at Outernet

Steve Brown
Lead Futurist at Intel

Rick Tumlinson
Co-Founder at
Deep Space Industries

Nina Tandon
CEO at Epibone

Jean Botti
CTO at Airbus Group

Rob Carlson
Principal at Biodesic

Sangu Delle
Co-founder at
Golden Palm Investments

Barbara Belvisi
CEO at Hardware Club

Nick Leschly
CEO at Bluebird Bio

Christine Gould
Thought for Food

Caroline Pugh
Co-founder at VirtualU

Pierre Lebeau
CEO at Keecker

Nadine Bongearts
CEO at Biotecture

Anna Young
Little Devices at MIT

Noel Sharkey
Emeritus Professor of
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Antoine Hubert
CEO at Ynsect

Stephan Tual
CCO at Ethereum

David Berry
Partner - Flagship Ventures

Timothy Lu
Associate Professor at MIT

Simon Gosling
CEO at Happy Finish

Rand Hindi
CEO at Snips

Giacomo Bastianelli
Ceo at Meiogenix

Bernard Gilly
CEO at Pixium Vision

Andreas Raptopoulos
Cofounder at Matternet

Curren Krasnoff
CEO at Cortex Composites

Kees Hummelen
University of Groningen

Joel Gibbard
CEO at Open Bionics

Madhumita Venkataramanan
Associate Editor at Wired UK

Eric Forest
Chairman & CEO at Enternext

Xavier de Kestelier
Partner at Foster +

Bernard Munos
Chief Apostle at Innothink Center

Nell Watson
CEO at Poikos

Diego Acevedo
Cofounder at BlueRise

Benjamin Joffe
General Partner at HAX

Nicolas Dessaigne
Cofounder at Algolia

Rana Gupta
CEO at Felsuma LLC

Tia Kansara
Director at
Kansara Hackney

Conference program

2 Days, 70 Speakers, 200 Startups + 1 Investor Day

Overview Day 1 (June 25th) Day 2 (June 26th) Investor Day (June 24th)

10 Inspiring keynote sessions

#1 Feeding 10 billion

#Synthetic_Biology #Urban_Agriculture #Insects

#2 Travelling to the stars

#Mars #Space_Exploration #Moon_base_printing

#3 Outsmarting the human brain with AI

#Machine_learning #Deep_learning #Robots

#4 Powering the planet

#Energy_storage #Sustainable_ernergies #Energy_transport

#5 Repairing the body - Medicine 3.0 -


#6 Reality just got an upgrade

#Virtual_reality #Augmented_reality #Holograms

#7 Living in a robotic world

#Automation #Prosthetics #Home_robotcs

#8 New materials

#Biomimicry #DNA #Rollable_concrete

#9 Developing affordable tech

#Plastic_solar_panels #Micro_satellites #DIY_healthcare

#10 The future of transportation

#Supersonic_Travel #Future_planes #Drones

4 Expert panels to address transversal issues

Risk vs. Benefits of
emerging technologies

#Biosecurity #Artificial Intelligence #Drones

Funding Tech startups:
high risk, high return

#VC-labs #Stock_Exchange #Equity crowdfunding #Crowdfunding

Tech opportunities
for all?

#Developing_world #Sustainable_Innovation #TechDoingGood

Unleashing Blockchain
to disrupt industries

#Bitcoin #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Trading

Overview Day 1 (June 25th) Day 2 (June 26th)

« this event gives you the impression you are travelling in a time machine »

Vincent Delattre - G-Therapeutics, 100.000€ grand winner Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2014

Connect with leaders & experts

Organize exclusive one-to-one sessions with journalists, innovators, executives & investors

one of a kind tech conference

Investor day
June 24th

Discover and meet with the Top 100 startups from the Hello Tomorrow Challenge selected among 3,600 projects from 90 countries during 1 day of intense pitch sessions + one-to-one meetings

Hello Tomorrow Conference
June 25-26th

Network with 4,000 trendsetters in science and technology, discover the startup village featuring the best startups in six different industries and attend inspiring keynotes from our amazing speakers

Challenge Finale
June 26th 7PM

The finalist startups of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge will pitch their projects in front of the Grand Jury and try to win the €100,000 Orange Grand Prize. Each track winner will get a €15,000 prize offered by our official Track Partners


Ticketing is now closed but don't hesitate to come on site to buy a last minute ticket

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Some of our speakers

Cofounder & Inventor

AI Guru & CEO

Leading Biohacker & Cofounder

Investor Superstar
SOS Ventures

Head of International

Prof. Mark Post
Inventor In-vitro Hamburger

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