Hello Tomorrow

Where science and technology
meet entrepreneurship
to build our tomorrow

How we are building tomorrow?

Hello TomorrowCommunity

A global interdisciplinary community, wich brings together frontrunners from different sectors to impact tomorrow’s economy

Hello TomorrowChallenge

A global start-up challenge, where the most innovative projects compete to win €400k in prize money (more than 1200 projects in 2014)

Hello TomorrowConference

An international two-day conference, where the most recognized names in tech meet with the most promising ones.


cities in 5 continents


applicants in th 1st edition of the HT Challenge


participants at our 2014 conference


All year long, we organize local events for change makers to build tomorrow together. Discover the Builders of Tomorrow in your city through the Hello Tomorrow local Tech Hubs.


From January to June, we accelerate innovative tech start-ups through the Hello Tomorrow Challenge


Finally, we celebrate technological innovation during our annual conference The First Day of Tomorrow. This international conference brings together the world’s top leaders in technology, research, startup investment, and entrepreneurship to highlight the hottest technologies and startups that are building our TOMORROW

They weere pivotal players in our community in 2015