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In partnership with Safran

Aeroflux Braking Systems (Canada) develops magnetic aircraft brakes that provide frictionless, virtually wear-free braking on commercial aircraft

Beyond Aero (France) develops a light, quiet and sustainable hydrogen-powered private jet

Cosmic Shielding Corporation (USA) is building a 3D printable, multi-functional radiation protection polymer that can revolutionize the way spacecraft are built

Magdrive (UK) develops the next generation of space propulsion for small satellites

PlasmaBound (Ireland) develops technology that enables high-speed, automated bonding of composite materials, providing reliable aerospace-grade bonding at low cost

SBQuantum (Canada) offers an alternative to GPS with a navigation system using the earth’s magnetic field

Vyoma (Germany) provides safe and automated satellite operations using space cameras and AI

Computer & Communication Hardware

LightSpeedAI Labs (India) integrates high-speed iOs into a network of low-power chips to improve 5G deployment or data center performance

Calumino (Australia) combines thermal cameras and Edge AI to enable video surveillance while maintaining data privacy

C12 Quantum Electronics (France) develops processors capable of handling large-scale quantum calculations 

Jeeva Wireless (USA) develops long-range sensors that do not require a battery and can be associated with all kinds of connected objects 

Lumiphase (Switzerland) creates electronic chips to increase the processing capacity of networks while consuming less energy 

SPECTRONITE (France) creates software-defined radios to enable rapid, low-cost 5G deployment 

Data & AI

Cubbit (Italy) takes the underutilized CPU, internet bandwidth and storage of users and turns them into web services for companies. 

AI Redefined (Canada) Develops a collaborative system between AI and humans to reduce bias and better understand machine decisions

NavAlgo (France) Develops an AI analytical engine for all moving objects

Opteran Technologies (UK) Builds a ‘natural’, bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence

ToothPic (Italy) Develops a new security system based on the analysis of unique characteristics of camera lenses

Kebotix (USA) Uses AI and robotics to accelerate the discovery and manufacturing of new chemicals and materials to solve some of the world’s most urgent problems.

Digital Health & Medical Devices

In partnership with Future4Care

DeepSpin (Germany) develops a portable, low-cost MRI, enabling point-of-care MRI scans

Dxcover (UK) develops a liquid biopsy platform based on infrared light to detect disease markers

LIQID Medical (South Africa) provides a self-regulating pressure control system for the eye to prevent Glaucoma

PigPug (USA) develops a telemedicine brain training platform for kids with ADHD

Virtonomy (Germany) creates virtual patients from image data, enabling data-driven clinical trials of medical devices 

UBT SRL (Italy) develops x-ray free medical imaging devices based on cutting-edge microwave technology for breast cancer screening

Energy & Environment

In partnership with IFP Energies Nouvelles

BeFC, (France) generates electricity using biofuel cells, consisting of paper and enzymes

Electro-Active Technologies, (USA) uses bacteria to convert organic waste into hydrogen

MagREEsource, (France) recycles rare earths containing magnets 

NEU Battery Materials, (Singapore) works on a low-cost, sustainable and scalable lithium battery recycling technology

Oxyle, (Switzerland) eliminates highly persistent, organic pollutants from industrial and municipal wastewaters  

Enerpoly (Switzerland) Pioneers rechargeable zinc-ion batteries to rapidly deliver energy storage solutions suitable for grid, industrial, commercial and residential uses.

ENERGO (France) Produces cost-efficient, green methane from waste.

Food & Agriculture

In partnership with  EIT Food

ConstellR, (Germany) offers high-resolution, global temperature maps providing an input to crop yield models

Bioo, (Spain) develops microbial fuel cells powering agricultural IoT

Ryp Labs(USA) natural formulation creates a protective layer around crops, inhibiting premature rotting post harvest

Crover’s (UK) drone is able to propel itself through e.g. bulk-stored grains, providing critical grain quality information

Teora (Singapore) leverages precision fermentation to biomanufacture proprietary proteins & encapsulate them for effective delivery & health benefits

NUTROPY, (France) produces animal proteins through precision fermentation

Industrial Biotech & New Materials

In partnership with  Solvay

Algalife (Israel) sustainably creates both fiber and dyes from Algae 

Cellevate (Sweden) provides nanostructures to enable the growth of cell-based products for e.g. personalized therapy

Lignovations (Austria) produces lignin particles from lignin-containing biomass, replacing harmful synthetics 

RadiSurf (Denmark) works on the functionalization of surfaces with polymer brushes, enabling eco-friendly adhesion of lightweight components

Spintex (UK) spins the next generation of sustainable fibres for fashion and beyond

traceless materials (Germany) offers an alternative to plastics, sourced from agricultural residues

NUProtein (Japan) develops a cell-free, low-cost protein synthesis technology

Industry 4.0

Acklio (France) enables seamless & secure IoT solutions by using internet protocols over LPWAN

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems (Denmark) facilitates microelectronics manufacturing atom by atom on Earth and beyond

Feelit Technologies’ (Israel) ink-based sensing tech is able to ‘feel’ parameter changes & predict potential failures in industrial process systems

Lumos Laser (Turkey) develops femtosecond laser technology to increase micromachining in production lines

Ommo Technologies (USA) provides permanent, magnet-based precision tracking for industrial applications

Tacterion (Germany) designs sensor technology that give objects a sense of touch & enable better human-machine interaction


Medical biotech & Pharmaceuticals

D-NOME (India) simplifies DNA/RNA amplification, eliminating the need for complex instruments

Gero’s (Singapore) neural network identifies molecular targets associated with diseases, accelerating drug discovery 

CHAIN Biotech (UK) repurposes bacteria to orally deliver antigens

KYAN Therapeutics’s (Singapore) offers powerful solutions with its optimization of drug-dose combinations. Their novel approach uses efficient experiments and relevant data to aid physicians in personalized cancer treatments.

Novaurum (USA) provides a cell-based encapsulation to implantable orthopedic devices, reducing the risk of infections

Pear Bio (UK) uses organ-on-a-chip models to provide patient specific treatment recommendations

SideROS(France) anti-cancer compounds target the iron metabolism of persistent cancer cells 

Mobility & Urban Sustainability

In partnership with LEONARD by Vinci 

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (Canada) sequesters CO2 from flue gas to manufacture CO2-enriched nanomaterials

Aeroshield Materials (USA) manufactures silica aerogel to replace the gas-fill in a double-pane window 

ClearDrop (France) uses surface acoustic waves to clear optical sensors, allowing self-driving cars to function under difficult weather situations

Elonroad AB’s (Sweden) electric road concept enables auto-charging of all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving 

Enerdrape (Switzerland) turns underground infrastructures into renewable heat sources through its modular geothermal panel 

SkyEcho (Netherlands) provides hyperlocal rainfall intelligence, supporting cities adapting to climate risks


Sustainable innovation to shape the future of agriculture

In partnership with Bayer Crop Science

FOTENIX (UK) uses 3D spectral imaging to create digital twins of a plant to aid plant diagnostics

ConstellR (Germany) offers high-resolution, global temperature maps providing an input to crop yield models

Bioo (Spain) develops microbial fuel cells powering agricultural IoT

Lypid (USA) develops a vegan fat that can be tuned to precise textures and melting points, mimicking animal fat 

SmartCloudFarming (Germany) provides soil carbon assessment, enabling carbon markets

Unlocking the CO2 circular economy

In partnership with Orano

Brimstone Energy (USA) works on carbon neutral cement

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (Canada) sequesters CO2 from flue gas to manufacture CO2-enriched nanomaterials

ENERGO (France) Produces cost-efficient, green methane from waste.

Fairbrics (France) transforms captured CO2 into polyester yarns

RepAir (Israel) captures CO2 from air using electrochemical CO2 separation technology

Carbonauten (Germany) produces biocarbons for long-time CO2 storage#120084

The finalists will all be pitching their solutions to a jury at this year’s Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, on 2nd and 3rd December at Centquatre-Paris, and three startups will win first, second and third prizes of €100,000, €30,000, and €20,000 respectively, awarded by worldwide partner BNP Paribas.


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