Unlocking the power of deep technologies
to solve our toughest global challenges

We believe in the need for radical transformation in the way we eat, move, power and run our industries.

This transformation can be supported by several waves of powerful technologies. What we refer to today as “deep technologies”, cutting-edge tech applied in digital, quantum physics, biology and new materials, offer new innovative production methods.

These technologies hold unparalleled potential, yet require unprecedented resources, energy and collaboration to bring positive change to our planet, society and industries.


What we do

Scouting deep tech solutions worldwide

We power startup competitions worldwide to give innovation a platform. Partnering with 250+ universities & accelerators to unearth new innovations.

Building a collaborative ecosystem

Connect all key players
(startups, universities,
investors, accelerators, & large enterprises) in a collaborative ecosystem through events, competitions and programs around the globe. 

Innovation consulting & services

Help private and public organisations understand deep tech applications, regain agility and manage their own ecosystem. 

Deep tech observatory

Identify and analyse innovation trends & dynamics leveraging experts and data from our network. 
Generate debates to question the role of emerging technologies in our society.

Hello Tomorrow worldwide

We have 72 representatives in 30 countries and local offices in 6 countries

What is deep tech?

Unlike existing digital platforms and apps, future “deep” technologies will advance the technological frontier. Deep tech innovations are disruptive solutions built around unique, protected or hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances.

Deep tech innovations lie at the crossroads of massive shifts in demand led by megatrends (such as global climate change, demographic shifts, resource scarcity, and an aging population) and scientific progress (such as the discovery of the CRISPR-Cas microbial adaptive immune system) and are impacting all industries.

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