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Why an innovation call?

The rise of data science and the advent of digital technologies provide farmers with a wealth of new data and new opportunities to improve operations and outcomes.

As the industry leader, Bayer Crop Science is always on the lookout for innovative solutions to partner with.

What are we looking for?

Bayer is calling on companies that can offer innovative solutions for:

  • Best in class fields monitoring systems

Automated high-quality field data acquisition (boundaries, crop, pest, soil…), from satellites or drones to embedded technologies

  • Universal Data & optimized interoperability

Improve data compatibility and sharing regardless of the device and brand

  • Seamless customer service

Optimized digital customer journey from purchase to post-sales support

Am I eligible?

Any company developing a product or service tailored to the categories mentioned above is eligible. Preference will however be given to companies with a minimum of TRL 6-7 and in the EMEA region.

Take your solution to the next level

Depending on your solution’s maturity, Bayer Crop Science can tailor its support to your needs through: 

  • Integration into the Bayer Crop Science Innovation Ecosystem
  • Opportunity for co-development, equity participation, and supplier relationship
  • Access to infrastructures and a wide network of experts 
  • Dedicated point of contact & fast response on collaboration 

Digital Farming Solutions at Bayer

Digital farming is at the forefront of modern agriculture and the associated technologies and data will continue to empower farmers through actionable insights in the future.

With a mission to become the gamechanger in agriculture, farming and food chains by 2025, Bayer Crop Science developed Digital Farming Solutions to strengthen its core

business and create new business models to realize above-market growth.

You can also find information on our brochure – Link to the brochure

Contact our project lead, Chloé Khalifat (, for any questions.

Deadline to apply: November 6th