Leverage emerging technologies and international
ecosystems to accelerate your business
Innovations, and the new business opportunities that they create, are everywhere. But they aren’t always easy to identify. 

Startups across the globe are making use of their agility to quickly develop new solutions that are disrupting our industries. Finding, building and successfully managing collaborations on an international scale is now essential to keeping up with this change. 

At Hello Tomorrow, we have developed unique programs to help companies do exactly that.

What is a Global Business Booster?

Global Business Boosters are 5-month acceleration programs designed to help corporations develop their own international ecosystems, identifying the most promising startups in the world and working with them in a way that promises solid return on investment.

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Launched in July 2020

PharmaTech: The Dawn of a New Industry

Digital technologies are transforming the pharmaceutical industry. Facing up to its long-standing challenges, they are becoming an integral part of any new pharmaceutical business. The pioneers behind these new technologies and business models? Startups.

Proposing new solutions that compete with, or complete the traditional pharmacopoeia, pharmatech startups can offer unprecedented growth potential.

How can pharma companies integrate these digital solutions? 

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