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No city is the same, which is why we encourage our ambassadors to use Hello Tomorrow's brand, network and expertise as a means to fulfil local needs, with tailored activities.

Discover these activities below!

Open a local hub

bring hello tomorrow to your city

Hello Tomorrow local teams provide a unique and accurate perspective of the problems and development opportunities in their countries, then through their experience, network and incredible talents, they hold meetings, conferences and competitions addressing these issues and allowing deep-tech entrepreneurship to thrive.

Local heroes

Kerim Baran

Hello Tomorrow Istanbul

Kerim Baran, co-founder, board member and VP of strategy at CivicSolar, speaks at Hello Tomorrow Istanbul, The Future of Energy.

Lisset Cangalaya

Hello Tomorrow Peru Ambassador

"I think that a single person can trigger a huge change in society, but a team can make a big revolution building the future, and this is Hello Tomorrow."

Vivek Srinivasan

Hello Tomorrow India Ambassador

"Hello Tomorrow is an important platform which seeks to enable in intermingling of people with deep knowledge along with those who have the skill to execute; this is an invaluable pursuit. "

Ambassador role


  • Enriching and aiding deep-tech entrepreneurs that exist in their country

  • Engaging local communities and growing a worldwide actionable and exclusive network

  • Inspiring and helping top-executives, influencers and decision-makers navigate through the potential of deep-tech innovations and successful collaborations

  • Providing a tailored approach to public authorities to strengthen on the ground deep-tech startups ecosystems



WE evaluate applications according to the following KEY criteria

  • At least 3 leadership team members with complementary skills and backgrounds
  • Passion for deep-technologies in at least one sector
  • Good understanding of the local ecosystem needs
  • Alignment with Hello Tomorrow's overall goals & values
  • Long-term master plan for the local hub development (business model and expected impact)
  • Market feasibility for the localized brand license in the proposed city
  • At least 8 hours per week to dedicate to the project
  • Good connections within the ecosystem

Why join Hello Tomorrow


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Our Partners make Hello Tomorrow possible around the world, by helping, investing and collaborating with promising deep-tech entrepreneurs

Cities & public authorities

  • Raise awareness for local innovations, talents & expertise
  • Attract international talents, expertise, funding
  • Bring international attention to local issues
  • Identify technological solutions for local issues
  • Encourage interdisciplinary and international collaborations

Corporates & executives

  • Bring deep-tech innovation to your organisation
  • Discover trends in your industry
  • Find your perfect partner
  • Other services