Accelerating development of

targeted cancer treatments


Why an innovation call?

Recent progress in artificial intelligence has allowed the development of tools that predict the 3D conformation of molecules. The affinity between the targeting molecule and the tumor target is an essential criterion of efficacy, which depends to a large extent on the 3D configuration of both of the molecules.

What are we looking for?

Today, Orano Med develops internal vectorized radiotherapy treatments, but affinity tests are currently performed in vitro and then in vivo, which is very time-consuming and expensive.


To fight cancers that have reached a therapeutic dead-end. Orano Med seeks to accelerate the development of new treatments by identifying solutions to test in silico the affinity between tumor targets and targeting molecules in order to pre-select them for in vivo testing. 


Orano Med is calling on entrepreneurs, startup businesses as well as research and innovation centres that can help to quicken the research.

Am I eligible?

  • Applications from startups, SMEs, university projects and innovation centres are accepted
  • At least TRL 3-4 (Experimental Proof-of-Concept, you will need to be able to test data)

Benefit from

Applicants selected will have the opportunity to have access to: 

  • Real data: Test your solution and validate it on real in vivo data
  • Experts & Network: Connect and get visibility with biotech experts (board members) & Orano Med’s ecosystem
  • Global Summit access: Best startups will be offered a Hello Tomorrow Global Summit pass with travel expenses covered by Orano (In accordance with Orano’s travel policy).
  • Partnership: If testing your solution on real data is a success, opportunity to develop a co-financed POC with Orano Med’s team.


  • November 8th: AMA webinar! We held a session with the Orano Med team to answer all your questions about the challenge. Catch the replay here.
  • December 6th: Applications closed
  • January – February: Alignments calls, Orano Med and selected startups to align on goals and expectations
  • March 9-10th: Meet the Orano Med team at the Global Summit
  • From March: Testing phase, Experimental data provided to validate models and beginning of the collaboration with Orano Med.

Our Jury for the Challenge

Orano Med in a nutshell

Early 2000s, AREVA (now Orano) sought to develop the use of materials derived from its core nuclear energy activities. Nuclear medicine and Targeted Alpha Therapy quickly appeared very promising. AREVA Med was created in 2009 (Renamed Orano Med in 2018) to develop new cancer therapies, leading to the world’s first clinical trials with ²¹²Pb performed between 2012 and 2014. Today, Orano Med has more than 80 employees in France and the USA.



Discover Orano Med and Targeted Alpha Therapy with ²¹²Pb


Contact our project lead, Marwan Aïtomar (, for any questions.

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