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Build a long term vision & strategy

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Emerging technologies are bringing radical innovation across industries. It’s no longer enough to be able to adapt quickly, organizations need to look ahead and be able to build exploration capabilities. We help our clients (corporates, governments, and startups) understand societal and technological trends, their short term and long term impact on their businesses, and how to position themselves to lead rather than follow. We align internal and external stakeholders visions, building strategic and technological scenarios and roadmaps.

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Sustain an Agile Organisation

Our most successful clients navigate between Operations - where process and centralized decisions are necessary to ensure quality, and Exploration - where an agile mindset and new ways of working enable reactivity and creativity. We help our clients sustain agility through redesigning R&D and innovation processes, intrapreneurship programs, training, and design of innovative offers and business models.

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Work Efficiently with your Ecosystem

Emerging technologies are not only impacting single organizations but entire value chains. In today’s fragmented environment, most of the technologies, talents, and data are outside your organization. A successful Customer centric strategy requires the involvement of key stakeholders as early as possible. For all those reasons, the most efficient way to solve problems and create value is to manage knowledge, data, and skills that are both internal and external, i.e. their innovation ecosystem. We help our clients align a new industrial value chain through collaborative programs, and innovate faster and more efficiently with partners and startups through challenges and collaboration process redesign.

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What our clients say about us



"Hello Tomorrow is a partner of our open innovation aiming at speeding up our incubation cycles"

- Pierre-Guy Amand, HO Innovation Directorate at ArianeGroup




"Our collaboration with WDS has given us the chance to build news ways to define and frame our innovation projects and allow us to maximise value creation for our customers"

- Jacques Sacreste, Head of Large Projects International at EDF