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Hello Tomorrow

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Enhancing humans

Canan Dagdeviren (MIT), Nathaniel David (Unity Biotech), Ed Boyden (MIT)

How far can or should we go: bionic eyes, microchip implants, enhanced brains, or artificial nutrition ?

Harnessing Plants Microbiomes

Geoffrey Von Maltzahn, CTO of Indigo

Helping farmers sustainably feed the planet

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World first truly hand-held device for grain protein measurement

Edvard Krogius

Edvard Krogius, Co-Founder and CEO of GrainSense, presents technology for grain protein measurement for tomorrow's agriculture based on measurable precision farming at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

Unlocking renewables: storage is the remedy for intermittency

Don Sadoway

Don Sadoway Professor of Materials Chemistry at MIT and Founder of Ambri, discusses the missing link in renewable energy storage: the liquid metal battery. The Hello Tomorrow Summit 2017

The symbiosis between music and 3D printing

Laurent Bernadac

Laurent Bernadac, engineer, violinist and co-founder of 3Dvarius showcases his 3D printed violin at The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017.

The promise of AI in medicine

Elad Benjamin

Elad Benjamin, Co-Founder & CEO of Zebra Medical Vision, talks about how algorithms and AI can impact our lives by transforming medicine. HT Summit 2017

Delivering augmented intelligence to make the best choices

Michel Morvan

HT Summit 2017: Michel Morvan, CEO of Cosmo Tech, talks about how to we can make the best decisions even in the most complex environments.

Hello Tomorrow Istanbul, The Future of Energy - Kerim Baran, CivicSolar

Kerim Baran

Kerim Baran, co-founder, board member and VP of strategy at CivicSolar - an innovative solar distributor partnering with installers and developers throughout North America.

Google [x] Opening

Obi Felten, Director

Technologies solving world problem issues.

Living in a robotic world

Joel Gibbard, Open Bionics

3D printing super awesome open source low-cost robotic prosthetics

Tantalizing new materials

Rana Gupta, Geckskin™

New super-adhesive based on the mechanics of gecko feet.

Repairing the body

Nina Tandon, Epibone

Growing bones from your own cells

Achieving Super Vision

Raymond Lo, CTO of Meta

Create Truly Immersive Augmented Reality Experiences

Drugs to Extend Life

Nathaniel David, CEO of Unity Biotechnology

A future in which it doesn’t hurt to grow old.