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Enhancing humans

Canan Dagdeviren (MIT), Nathaniel David (Unity Biotech), Ed Boyden (MIT)

How far can or should we go: bionic eyes, microchip implants, enhanced brains, or artificial nutrition ?

Harnessing Plants Microbiomes

Geoffrey Von Maltzahn, CTO of Indigo

Helping farmers sustainably feed the planet

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Cellular Agriculture

Isha Datar, CEO, New Harvest

Fund and conduct open, public, collaborative research that reinvents the way we make animal products - without animals.

Precision Agriculture

Mariana Vasconcelos, CEO of Agrosmart

Monitoring crops to help farmer to make better decisions

A.I. Powered Agriculture

Caleb Harper, Director of OpenAG

Open-source ecosystem of food technologies that enable and promote transparency, networked experimentation, education, and hyper-local production.

New materials: bio-Inspired manufacturing

Christine Ortiz, Professor of MIT

Load-bearing biological materials, in particular musculoskeletal (internal to the body) and exoskeletal (extermal to the body) tissues.

New materials : building with living materials

Henk Jonkers, Researcher at TU Delft

Building with concrete that is able to heal itself?

New materials : digitizing chemistry

Lee Cronin, Professor at Glasgow University

Construct complex functional molecular architectures that are not based on biologically derived building blocks.

Smart factories: augmented operators

Thomas Kirchner, CEO of Proglove

Wearables that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier.

Smart Factories : Cloud Robotics

Dominique Hunziker, CTO of Rapyuta

Empowering lives with connected machines.