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Innovation and ecosystem management in the era of deep tech

From artificial intelligence to synthetic biology, emerging technologies are changing our industries.

We help people & organisations understand how it will impact their business, and build the ecosystems that will create new markets.

Let’s engineer the future together.

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The challenges of innovation in the deep tech era

Staying ahead of the curve

In a landscape where change is the new constant, understanding emerging technologies and their use cases faster than your competitors is key.

Business exploration & inspiration

Navigate through our unique database of 5,000+ deep tech startups with a yearly license. With a one-day workshop, learn how to discover deep tech, new trends, markets and use cases, and spot who could bring your products and processes to the next level.

Building new visions

Deep tech is creating new markets and redesigning existing ones. Leaders of tomorrow’s landscape need to actively shape their visions today.

Foresee future markets and value chains

Building on our 360° view of emerging tech and industry specific use cases, we use a systematic approach to design your industry or strategic vision and explore new markets with you.

Adapting to new ways of working

Agility is a competitive advantage. Although decades of industrial legacy is a key asset, don’t let it become a hurdle.

Become an agile organisation

We bring agility and innovation methods inspired by startups but adapted to the industrial world, to innovate faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Managing ecosystems

Some of the most powerful innovations arise from external ideas, talents and technologies. Leveraging your ecosystem requires new management practices.

Source and collaborate with startups

We offer startup challenges tailored to your needs, leveraging our unique network and database. Source, engage and collaborate with innovative stakeholders to boost your vision and your projects.

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The dynamics of the deep tech ecosystem, tech trend analysis

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Here’s the latest news on our projects and team

Our CEO Arnaud de la Tour speaks to Les Echos about key factors for boosting deep tech innovation in France

Read the article here (in French), or check out our new report with Bpifrance and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)!

It's a match! The beginnings of startup collaboration with the space industry

We arranged meetings between ArianeWorks and relevant startups from the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, and guess what? Collaborations are in progress! Among them, EchoRing who is excited at the prospect of launching their wireless communication technology to space. A first of its kind innovation project for the space industry, removing the barriers of confidentiality, slow processes and complex organisation. Keep it simple: fail fast or go big! See them on the first day of their workshop at ArianeWorks. 

The ArianeGroup French Guiana Startup Competition

Hello Tomorrow helped ArianeGroup find startups working on solutions for smart factory & predictive maintenance, remote training of workers and energy and waste management. Selected startups will get the opportunity to connect with key stakeholders and gain access to expert advice in French Guiana as well as having the possibility to enter into a longer term collaboration with ArianeGroup. Find out more about it here!