It is difficult to comprehend what will shape your business in the next 10 years when technologies and industries are converging so fast. 

We are here to help you gain an understanding of those changes, along with the impacts they will have on the value chain and the capabilities that will be required in order to keep up. 

Matched with your strategic principles and assets, they will enable us to design your way forward in the markets of interest.

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We utilize our startup database (7000+ emerging technologies), our extensive network of experts, along with our various reports made in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, to power our approach.

Thanks to those insights, we map out the ecosystem of your market of interest along with the upcoming trends (3, 5 and 10 years from now).

We go from market sizing to technological roadblocks and business enablers to allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of the stakes for each opportunity.
We then match the upcoming opportunities with your current assets and strategy.

Based on this analysis, we are able to recommend to you the best way forward and the collaborations you need to put together in order to succeed.


Foresee trends and technologies that are going to change your business


Understand where and how to play in the ecosystem to strengthen your position, or diversify your business


Our startup database is considered the best deep tech database in the world, thanks to the quality of the early technologies and the depth of information it contains. We are leveraging it to power future-proof insights.

In addition, our proprietary software, Ecos, enables us to design ecosystems in an interactive way. It allows our clients to understand the different types of stakeholders existing in markets of interest as well as their interactions (not only financial but also in terms of usage, data, knowledge, …).

This approach allows us to really focus our recommendations with a ‘where and how-to-play’ mindset. Already pointing out key value propositions and collaborations to be built.




Due to increasing consumer awareness about the role nutrition can play in their global health, a globally rising demand for personalized products and the scientific evidence that one-size-fits-all diets are not really efficient, the market for personalized nutrition is booming.


Our client, a global company in the food industry, was looking for a comprehensive understanding of the emerging market, how were the actors shaping it, as well as what role they could successfully play to grasp this opportunity.

Our approach

Combining desk research, experts interviews and consumer surveys we delivered:

  1. Ecosystem mapping: an interactive map, using our proprietary software, to understand key players and associated interactions of value between them        
  2. Benchmark and research: 13 experts’ interviews and desk research to validate and refine the value chain, and identify key unaddressed opportunities to conquer
  3. Deep dive & recommandations: Several workshops to assess the existing assets & strategy of the client in order to formulate the final recommendations

What we provided

  • A comprehensive vision of today’s ecosystem for each step of the value chain, including an in-depth benchmark of actors and their positioning
  • 3 untapped opportunities and associated partners within the ecosystem were selected and deep-dived in terms of market potential and required investment (HR, manufacturing…)


A leader in cosmetics decided to rethink its advanced research. To shape their strategic roadmap, they asked Hello Tomorrow to assess the trends and potential of the various technologies foreseen as key enablers of this transformation.

Three themes were of particular interest in this study :

  • Nature co-designed ingredients & formulas
  • Safe transformation & formulation process
  • Eco-impact usage and biodegradable ingredients & formulas

Our Approach

We leveraged our ecosystem and technological expertise as well as our knowledge of open innovation methodologies to run a study and animate workshops around :

  1. Technology potential overview: explaining the current state and mid-term potential of deep tech on several cosmetic categories
  2. Landscape overview: presenting the most remarkable players of the ecosystem with application to the cosmetics industry
  3. Best practices: for engaging with the deep tech ecosystem, including key success factors and testimonies from successful partners

What we provided

  • 80+ players scouted from startups to incubators or VCs
  • 5 main trends identified as transforming cosmetic R&D
  • A cultural shift within the teams when it comes to open collaboration (ways of working, business involvement, type of partnership, expertise to develop internally vs externally…)
  • Ongoing follow-up assignment to decide on which opportunity spaces to bet and how to build on it with the ecosystem


The ExCo of a leading French group in the water sector missioned Hello Tomorrow to deep dive into key trends and technologies in the field.

Anticipating changes and potential new businesses, the organization was looking to apprehend the next wave of innovation by going beyond digital solutions.

After alignment on priorities, a presentation was drafted and delivered to the client’s Surveillance Committee along with insights on how to make the most of each situation presented

Our Approach

Using reports, our startup database, deep tech trends, and interview summaries gathered throughout the years, our team established a presentation consolidating: 

  1. Key differences between digital and deep tech innovations, and their levels of disruption throughout all sectors
  2. Upcoming trends in the utilities at 3, 5 and 10 years looking for disruption outside the industry as well

Technology analysis within the trends to understand which ones are going to bring the most disruption and need to be invested in.

What we provided

A tailored presentation based on key trends, technological dive, and examples (startups and ongoing collaborations), to grasp opportunities and possibilities for markets in 3, 5, and 10 years.



Due to increasing concerns around the ethics and sustainability of animal agriculture as well as its impact on human health, (interconnected with countless cardiovascular diseases), the Alternative Protein market is experiencing exponential interest and growth.


Our client, a global ingredient manufacturer, was looking for a deeper understanding of the Alternative Protein emerging market, what direction the industry is heading in order to understand the challenges it is facing, as well as what role could they play and what opportunities are waiting for them.

Our Approach

Combining intense research, experts interviews and a market study we designed:

  1. Opportunities’ mapping: Profound research of the technologies, trends and growth forecasts in order to have a deeper understanding of the market situation
  2. Deep dive: Experts’ interviews and research to validate the collected data with scientific evidence
  3. Market Sizing & Recommendation: Detailed market study of the different opportunities to assess the viability & prioritization towards the client’s strategy and assets

What we provided

  • A comprehensive vision of today’s landscape of technologies, investments, actors and trends
  • Customized opportunities in the value chain were selected to enter the market and a strategy was designed for each of those scenarios 


Discover our report co-authored with the Boston Consulting Group that shines light on the deep tech approach to innovation and essential factors for deep tech ventures to succeed.

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