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Track Winners will get customized coaching sessions by our experts & personal introductions with relevant investors & potential partners and clients.

Connect with leading industry experts, investors, accelerators & fellow entrepreneurs.

Become part of the Deep Tech Pioneers community & get all-year access to a global deep tech ecosystem to receive business and funding opportunities.


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Opportunities to pitch or showcase in front of a curated audience of renowned industry leaders & investors.

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€100K Grand Prize, €30K 2nd prize and €20K 3rd prize – all equity-free, no strings attached.

Advertise your open fundraising opportunities to our active international investor network

A dedicated Investor Day for 1-on-1 meetings with 200+ renowned VCs and CVCs.


June 14th 2022

Applications Open

Start of the 8th edition of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge!

Have a deep tech startup or project that uses advanced technology to answer a societal or industrial challenge? Apply online here until October 7th!

June – October 2022

Challenge Q&A Sessions

Got burning questions about the Challenge?

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Are you based in Asia-Pacific?

A single application to both our APAC and Global Challenges

Get extra opportunities to pitch at our APAC Challenge Finals in early October, win a S$30K equity-free grant and many more! Discover more here

Not based in APAC? Don’t worry, you can still apply to the Global Challenge.

October 7th 2022

Applications Close

Deadline to apply to the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge!

Submit your application here before October 7th at 11.59PM Pacific time in order to be considered for the Global Challenge. We receive a lot of applications and are on a tight schedule, so we, unfortunately, cannot offer extensions for submissions

November 2022

Deep Tech Pioneers Selected

The best deep tech startups are selected!

The most promising startups, hand-picked by our jury, will be invited to join our Deep Tech Pioneers community.

Deep Tech Pioneers are invited to attend the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit (March 9-10th, 2023), get exclusive access to the Investor Day and benefit from extra perks all year round like connections with VCs & corporates and business opportunities, among others.

More info about the Deep Tech Pioneers community here

January 10th 2023

Finalists Announced

Announcing 60 startup finalists who will take center stage at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Finalists will pitch on the Pioneers Stage in front of a jury of experts, industry leaders, investors & journalists.

All other selected Deep Tech Pioneers will still have the chance to demo their solution and network with VCs and corporates attending.

March 8th 2023

Investor Day

Meet with 150 deep tech investors. Previous participants include VCs from all over the world. Atomico, DCVC, Lowercarbon Capital, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, SOSV, Sofinnova, Gilde Healthcare, IQ Capital, and many more were joined by CVCs from leading companies such as ABB, Airbus, Bouygues, Merck, Samsung, Solvay, Total, etc.

You’ll be able to plan up to fifteen 30 minute meetings to connect with relevant investors.

March 9th-10th

Global Summit

Meet the enablers who will take your technology to the next level

Taking place in person in Paris, the Global Summit welcomes thousands of the most relevant deep tech actors each year. 

The Grand Finals of the Global Challenge happens here. Finalists pitch in front of an audience and an expert jury as they compete to win.

Selected Deep Tech Pioneers also have a chance to demo their solution and build connections with experts, industry leaders, investors, accelerators/incubators and fellow deep tech founders.

The tracks

We’re looking for disruptive innovations across all industries

Explore the tabs to find more information about each track


Strategic Partner

Worldwide Partner

Global Partner

Challenge Partners


Journeying through the skies and to outer space

  • Greener propulsion technologies
    • Improved fuel-efficiency, propulsion technologies using renewable energy, etc.
  • Manufacturing & maintenance solutions, advanced materials and innovative equipment for the aerospace industry
  • Autonomous operations & other innovative systems (e.g. communication or security-enabling technologies) for the benefit of pilots, traffic controllers and technicians
  • Satellite maintenance, deorbiting technologies and handling of space debris
  • Drones/UAV technologies
    • For transportation of cargo and/or people, monitoring or other innovative uses
  • Earth observation & connectivity
    • Micro- and nano-satellite constellations, etc.
    • Collection and analysis of data to map, monitor and track
  • Space exploration & enabling life on the Moon and Mars
    • Manned and unmanned interplanetary spaceflight, near-earth asteroid mining, space research, air & water recycling and food production in low gravity


Bringing the best out of the binary world while anticipating the quantum revolution

  • Hardware technologies supporting the sustainable development of the binary world
    • From new electronic components to energy-efficient data center systems
  • Quantum systems
    • Building the bricks of quantum computing
  • Electronics & photonics
    • Nano- and micro-technologies powering a faster and greener digital world
  • New semiconductor materials or technologies that improve semiconductor manufacturing processes
    • Wide-band Gap Semiconductors, Thermal Interface materials, etc.
  • Connectivity & communication systems and devices
    • Secure, energy-efficient and innovative communication systems and network technologies
  • Data Science: storage, processing and analysis
    • Software and hardware technologies to collect, store and process data
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Breakthrough AI models and AI specific hardware, Edge AI
  • Cybersecurity & data privacy
    • Modern technologies to protect sensitive data & digital identity and fight cybercrime
  • Electronic consumer devices of the future (e.g. AR/VR, wearables)


Harnessing the power of machines for sustainable growth

  • Virtual & data-driven systems for industry
    • Modelization, simulation and automation systems to improve production, maintenance and security
  • Green factories
    • Cleaner, safer, energy-efficient and effective manufacturing processes
  • IIoT & ubiquitous sensing
    • IoT devices and technologies for industrial environments
  • Symbiosis between humans & machines
    • Collaborative environments and improving human workers’ safety & efficiency
    • Human Machine Interfaces (AR/VR, holographic, haptic, etc.)
  • Robotics designed to facilitate industrial environments or people’s everyday life
  • Breakthrough solutions for the transportation of goods and people
    • Autonomous & connected solutions on land, water or below
  • Improving safety and environmental footprint in the transport sector
    • Electric vehicles and other green mobility solutions
    • New ways of preventing accidents and protecting people


New materials and technologies to improve the sustainability, security and productivity of the construction & infrastructure industry

  • Energy efficient and carbon-neutral infrastructure and construction techniques
  • New and sustainable building materials with improved properties
  • Applied technologies to improve productivity
    • Robotics, 3D printing, VR/AR, AI, etc.
  • Protecting construction workers health and improving overall on site safety
  • Breakthrough technologies driving circular economy and supply chain efficiency


Facilitating a low-carbon energy transition 

  • Clean and reliable forms of energy generation
    • Developing new means of generating low-carbon, renewable energy
  • Energy storage devices & new materials
    • From systems powering our day-to-day lives to larger networks
  • Optimizing supply of key materials and consumption of energy
    • Providing smart and energy-efficient solutions to manage energy
    • Scaling recycling of key materials and systems
  • Off-grid and microgrid solutions
    • Decentralized power generation and distribution


Reducing human impact on and regenerating the environment

  • Water, waste and natural resources management
    • Monitor water quality, reduce water consumption & improve wastewater treatment
    • Treat and upcycle waste
    • Sustainable management of land and sea resources
  • Mitigating pollution and restoring a healthy environment
    • Measure and monitor pollution levels and decontaminate polluted ecosystems
    • Regenerate soils and seas
  • Tackling global environmental issues
    • Solutions for carbon capture and carbon removal
    • Valorization and utilization of CO2 and GHG as feedstocks for the bioeconomy
    • Mitigating climate change and restoring biodiversity


Feeding the Earth’s population while protecting our planet

  • Precision agriculture
    • Mobilizing sensors, drones and information services to monitor, understand, and act on crops
    • Empowering farmers for resources management
  • Improved crops and farming
    • Substituting/reducing the use of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals
    • Reducing GHG emissions through carbon sequestration and nitrogen management
    • Improving soil health and overall biodiversity
    • Engineering crops for improved yield, pest resistance, and nutritional value
  • Increasing livestock productivity sustainably
    • Using sensors and automated devices for herd monitoring
    • Developing novel animal feed for better health and yield
  • Alternative food production
    • Developing new ingredients to leverage in human foods and diets (alternative proteins, functional foods…)
    • Developing modern ways of production with reduced carbon footprint (cellular agriculture, microbial cell factories…)
  • Food safety & supply chain
    • Improving food production, processing, distribution and quality
    • Limiting and upcycling waste
    • Ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain


Designing renewable and advanced materials, compounds and catalysts that benefit our industries & society with sustainable processes

  • Cellular factories & products thereof
    • Organisms (natural or engineered) for the production of materials, compounds & catalysts
    • Bio-based compounds, materials, and catalysts
    • Enzymes and Cell free manufacturing
  • Repurposing waste with recycling or circular technologies
    • Biological processes for recycling / upcycling waste streams
    • Bioremediation / Biodegradation
  • Developments conveying smart properties in materials
    • Metamaterials, quantum materials, nanotechnologies, etc.
    • Designed for recyclability
  • Sustainable materials and use of resources
    • Creating renewable materials and improving existing production & recycling processes
    • New bio or circular feedstocks and ingredients
  • High-performance materials & coatings
    • Better physical, chemical, mechanical and manufacturing properties
    • Innovative coating and industrial processing

Digital Health & Medical Devices

Harnessing digital technologies and engineering for better patient care and outcomes

  • Medical devices to diagnose, manage diseases, and treat patients 
    • (Neuro-)prosthetics and medical implants, as well as patient-centered diagnostics, disease management, and therapeutic devices
    • Connected devices such as wearable technologies and sensors to prevent, diagnose, monitor or treat diseases
    • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Digital applications for diagnosis, disease management and treatment 
    • Clinical decision support systems, AR/VR interfaces, and innovative processes
    • Digital therapeutics – DTx
    • Digital patient twins for point of care diagnostics and accelerated/improved clinical trials


Biotechnologies and chemistries enabling the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases

  • Biologics for disease prevention and therapeutic & diagnostic purposes
    • Organ substitutes, cell therapies, gene editing solutions, vaccines, antibodies, etc.
    • Organisms, cells (natural or engineered) and devices for the production of medically relevant compounds
  • Lab-based solutions improving the R&D processes for diagnostics & therapeutics 
    • New drug or biomarker discovery platforms, DNA & protein-engineering solutions, new approaches to ease the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, etc.
    • Organ on chip technologies to mimic physiological conditions for rapid diagnosing, drug discovery and accelerated clinical decisions/trials
    • Microfluidic based approaches to diagnose and characterize diseases 
  • In-silico drug discovery & design solutions
    • New in-silico drug discovery methods & software-aided drug design tools
  • Pharmaceuticals for diagnosing, preventing & treating diseases 
    • First-in-class drugs and potent derivatives of existing drugs
    • Synthetic molecules essential to new/enhancing diagnostics or improving the pharmacological properties of drugs
    • Novel antibiotic molecules and molecules/technologies/therapies replacing current antibiotics to counter widespread antibiotic resistance


Solutions that contribute to building a circular economy applied to managing CO2 emissions, removing excess carbon and converting it into valuable products:

  • CO2 capture solutions
  • CO2 valorization solutions
    • Using CO2 to contribute to future net-zero/negative emission energy systems
    • CO2 reuse as input for feedstocks, fuels, materials
    • New CO2 conversion processes for the production of valuable materials
  • CO2 regeneration
    • Recycle carbon through the natural carbon cycle with bioenergy and store it

In addition to competing for the Global Challenge in one of the 10 official tracks above, you will have an extra opportunity to pitch in front of experts from Orano and get a chance to meet with their business & technology teams and get practical advice from their experts.

Previous Winners

Winners & finalists have gone on to raise more than $2B

Discover the 2021 winners

Thanks to the credibility and increased visibility from the Global Challenge, we’ve raised $1.5M right after and been able to scale up, join a famous accelerator in China and create a 2nd generation of our scanner.


Atlant 3D Nanosystems, Denmark

A revolutionary atomic layer 3D printing technology.

Discover the project

Agora Energy Technologies, Canada

A CO2 redox flow battery: grid scale battery technology sequestering CO2.

Discover the project

RxAll, Nigeria/USA

A portable nanoscanner to detect fake drugs in real-time.

Discover the project

Saathi, India

Biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibre.

Discover the project

Lilium, Germany

Electric, vertical take-off and landing aircrafts.

Discover the project

Dendra Systems (previously Biocarbon Engineering), UK

Mass reforestation using automated drones

Discover the project

Onward (Previously GTX Medical), Switzerland

Implant therapy to make paralyzed people walk again.

Discover the project

Jury members

Get hand-picked by the best

Hello Tomorrow has set up an international and interdisciplinary committee of leading scientists, industry specialists, successful deep tech entrepreneurs and renowned VCs, to select the best startups in each industry track. Below are some of the jury members from the 2021 edition.

Challenge eligibility

Am I eligible to apply?

We welcome startups that are:

  • In the early-stage of development or the beginning of their commercialization phase (up to series A)
  • Based on a new technology, a scientific discovery or a complex engineering process
  • Addressing an industrial, societal or environmental unmet need or creating a new market
  • Composed of a team of at least 2 people
  • Not a subsidiary or spin-off of an existing company