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June 7th 2023

Applications Open

Start of the 9th edition of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge!

Have a deep tech startup or project that uses advanced technology to answer a societal, environmental or industrial challenge?

Apply Now

June – September 2023 – Q&A sessions

Challenge Q&A Sessions

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June 22nd, 2023

July 10th, 2023

September 13th, 2023

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A single application to both our APAC and Global Challenges

Get extra opportunities to pitch at our APAC Challenge Finals in early October, win a S$30K equity-free grant and many more! Discover more here

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September 22nd 2023

Applications Close

Deadline to apply to the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge!

Submit your application before September 22nd at 11.59PM Pacific time in order to be considered for the Global Challenge.

November 2023

Deep Tech Pioneers Selected

The most promising startups, hand-picked by our jury, will be invited to join our Deep Tech Pioneers community.

Deep Tech Pioneers are invited to attend the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit (March 21st-22nd, 2024), get exclusive access to our Investor Day (March 20th, 2024) and benefit from extra perks all year round like connections with VCs & corporates and business opportunities, among others.

More info about the Deep Tech Pioneers community here.

January 16th 2024

Finalists Announced

Announcing 70 startup finalists who will take center stage at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit.

Finalists will pitch on the Pioneers Stage in front of 400 people and a jury of experts, industry leaders, investors & journalists.

All other selected Deep Tech Pioneers will still have the chance to demo their solution and network with VCs and corporates attending.

March 20th 2024

Investor Day

Meet with 150 deep tech investors. Previous participants include VCs from all over the world. Atomico, DCVC, Lowercarbon Capital, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, SOSV, Sofinnova, Gilde Healthcare, IQ Capital, and many more were joined by CVCs from leading companies such as ABB, Airbus, Bouygues, Merck, Samsung, Solvay, Total, etc.

You’ll be able to plan up to fifteen 30 minute meetings to connect with relevant investors.

March 21st-22nd 2024

Global Summit

Meet the enablers who will take your technology to the next level.

Taking place in person in Paris, the Global Summit welcomes thousands of the most relevant deep tech actors each year. 

The Global Challenge Finals happens here. Finalists pitch in front of an audience of 400 and an expert jury as they compete to win.

Deep Tech Pioneers also have a chance to exhibit their solution and build connections with experts, industry leaders, investors, accelerators/incubators and fellow deep tech founders.

Our 2023 Tracks

Looking for the best early-stage deep tech startups across industries & technologies

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Our selected finalists are:

  • Share my Space (France) – Building and operating a network of ground-based sensors to provide a complete mapping of orbital objects.
  • Manta Aircraft (Italy) – Developing a multi-purpose aerial platform of hybrid-electric eV/STOL air vehicles with high performance and energy-efficiency. possibilities.
  • Aliena (Singapore) – Electric propulsion engines to allow satellites to fly closer to Earth, and provide high-resolution data.
  • Undefined Technologies (USA) – Developing a next-generation, all-electric, silent drone powered by ion propulsion.
  • Nanostine (Spain) – Designing a new way of coating surfaces with nanoparticles to improve their performance.
  • SCOUT Space (USA) – Building the first in-space observation systems to safeguard orbital infrastructure.



Our selected finalists are:

  • Swave Photonics (Belgium) – Holographic extended reality projection chips delivering life-like, high-resolution 3D images, viewable with the naked eye.
  • WeLinQ (France) – Enabling quantum computing by interconnecting quantum processors to increase their computational power.
  • Scantinel Photonics (Germany) – Delivering integrated, flexible and modular LiDAR systems to propel autonomous mobility.
  • Xinterra (Singapore) – Developing new materials in record time using an AI system powered by high throughput experimentation tools.
  • QustomDot (Belgium) – Bringing unmatched colors to microLED technology through quantum dot color conversion.
  • Atlantic Quantum (USA) – Building a new type of processor that will help to eliminate the barriers to quantum computing.



Our selected finalists are:

  • Lightcode Photonics (Estonia)  – Building a software-defined 3D camera for autonomous mobility and smart city applications.
  • Deeper Pulse (France) – Optiziming and automating the design of electric motors and space thrusters.
  • Theker Robotics  (Spain)  – Developing advanced microelectronic soldering and desoldering technology for the electronics and semiconductor industries.
  • Nobula (Sweden) – Enabling true 3D printing of complex glass produts for microfluidics, optics and electronic packaging.
  • Qlayers (Netherlands) Creating unique, environmentally friendly robotic solutions for coating large industrial surfaces
  • Touch Sensity (France) Making materials sensitive to mechanical physical interactions, in real time, without using sensors.


Our selected finalists are:

  • Strong by Form (Chile) – A high-performance, freeform timber-based composite to replace concrete, steel, and aluminium for the built environment.
  • Mykor (UK)  – Transforming cellulosic waste and fungi into sustainable building materials.
  • Caeli Energi (France) – Designing low-carbon and energy-efficient air conditioning systems.
  • BioZeroc (UK)  – Creating cement-free concrete through biotechnology.
  • Peafowl Plasmonics (Sweden)  – Transparent solar cells empowering the next generation of IoT devices to enable mass deployment.
  • Made of Air (Germany) – Taking carbon dioxide from the air, utilising it for manufactured goods that replace fossil-based plastics or high-emission materials.



Our selected finalists are: 

  • Sweetch Energy (France) – Developing a system based on bio-sourced membranes to exploit osmotic power and harness it as an energy solution.
  • Reverion (Germany) – Designing reversible, CO2-negative power plants that convert biogas or hydrogen into electricity and produce green hydrogen or methane.
  • Sakowin Green Energy (France) – Producing sustainable hydrogen and solid carbon from biomethane or natural gas.
  • Basquevolt (Spain) – Building new solid-state battery technology leveraging a proprietary polymer composite electrolyte.
  • Genomines (France) – Unlocking additional sustainable nickel supply using genetically enhanced hyperaccumulating plants.
  • Ionate (UK) – Developing a new device to replace traditional transformers and enable resilient, flexible power grids.
  • The Batteries (Poland) – A revolutionary low-cost thin film solid state battery technology for IoT.



Our selected finalists are:

  • Ucaneo Biotech (Germany) – Cell-free system leveraging a biocatalytic membrane to capture CO2 from the air.
  • Saltyco (UK) – Developing a plant-based alternative to goose down and synthetic fillers.
  • Aquafortus Technologies (New Zealand) – Treating wastewater using non-thermal recovery and crystallization technology to produce clean water and crystallized salts.
  • BluumBio (USA) – Developing new enzyme-based products that can remove harmful chemicals from contaminated soil and water.
  • Solv8 Technology (Singapore) – Nanofiltration system performing heat-free chemical separations and recycling chemical waste.
  • SGMA (UK) –  Leveraging silica sand to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic.
  • New Iridium (USA) – Decarbonizing the chemical industry by using photosynthesis-inspired technology to produce low-carbon chemicals.



Our selected finalists are:

  • Ivu Biologics (USA) – Developing microbial seed coatings to help improve soil health and crop yields.
  • Unibaio (Argentina) – Biodegradable nano-encapsulation technology designed to significantly reduce the need of harmful chemicals in agriculture.
  • MicroMGx (USA) – Harnessing microbial chemistry to create more effective and sustainable natural products.
  • Sibö   (Netherlands) – Using a unique isolation technology and data science to predict the best uses out of billions of insect protein combinations.
  • Kosmode Health Singapore (Singapore) – Triple technology platform valorising agri-food waste into sustainable ingredients for food development.
  • Tensorfield Agriculture (USA) – Semi-autonomous robots that control weed growth using a pioneering ‘thermal micro-dosing’ method.



Our selected finalists are:

  • Colipi (Germany) – Leveraging bacterial fermentation to transform captured carbon into oils and proteins.
  • Bloom Labs (USA) – Regenerating proteins from agricultural waste into new and versatile bio-plastics and textile fibers.
  • SEPPURE (Singapore) – Developing a chemical-resistant nanofiltration technology that can separate chemicals and recover solvents without heat.
  • Sóliome (USA) – Producing the first sunscreen derived from common human metabolites.
  • DePoly (Switzerland) – Converting all PET plastic items into virgin grade raw materials without any additional heat or pressure.
  • Impossible Materials (Switzerland) – Designing plant-based ingredients to enable safe, sustainable products.
  • AtomICs (USA) – Revolutionizing data storage and processing by harnessing ubiquitous small molecules.

Digital Health & Medical Devices

Our selected finalists are:

  • Floating Genes (France) – Developing early cancer detection and monitoring tools from liquid biopsies.
  • Gense Technologies (Hong Kong)  – Creating a portable medical imaging device for home-based preventive screening and chronic disease monitoring.
  • Breath of Health (Israel)  – An affordable, AI-powered, breath-based diagnostics platform for screening tests of non-communicable diseases.
  • UBT (Italy)  – Designing a novel microwave-based imaging technology to provide safe breast cancer screening to the masses.
  • LIQID Medical (South Africa)  – Pioneering ‘oculosubarachnoid shunting’, with devices to overcome the challenges of existing glaucoma therapies.
  • iLoF (UK)  – Building a cloud-based library of disease biomarkers and biological profiles to cut the time and cost of drug discovery.



Our selected finalists are:

  • LoValTech (France) – Intranasal vaccines that activate mucosal immunity and kill the pathogen as it enters via the nasal route.
  • Braizon Therapeutics (Japan) – Designing targeted intravenous therapies for neurological diseases.
  • Kolibri (France)  – Combining cutting edge techniques in acoustics and biology to unlock the cell culture revolution.
  • Arjuna Therapeutics (Spain) – Developing a platform of entirely novel cancer molecules to address cancers without treatments.
  • MediSieve (UK) – Enabling the removal of infected cells, pathogens, toxins, or even viruses directly from a patient’s bloodstream.
  • Allogenica (France)  – Developing an emerging class of blood cancer therapy that is more affordable and accessible.

Previous Winners

Winners & finalists have gone on to raise more than $3B

Discover the 2023 winners

Thanks to the credibility and increased visibility from the Global Challenge, we’ve raised $1.5M right after and been able to scale up, join a famous accelerator in China and create a 2nd generation of our scanner.


Sweetch Energy, France

Expanding the frontiers of renewable energy with osmotic power

Discover the Project

Atlant 3D Nanosystems, Denmark

A revolutionary atomic layer 3D printing technology.

Discover the project

Agora Energy Technologies, Canada

A CO2 redox flow battery: grid scale battery technology sequestering CO2.

Discover the project

RxAll, Nigeria/USA

A portable nanoscanner to detect fake drugs in real-time.

Discover the project

Saathi, India

Biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibre.

Discover the project

Lilium, Germany

Electric, vertical take-off and landing aircrafts.

Discover the project

Dendra Systems (previously Biocarbon Engineering), UK

Mass reforestation using automated drones

Discover the project

Onward (Previously GTX Medical), Switzerland

Implant therapy to make paralyzed people walk again.

Discover the project

Jury members

Get hand-picked by the best

An international and interdisciplinary committee of leading scientists, industry specialists, successful deep tech entrepreneurs and renowned VCs help us to select the best startups in each industry track. Below are some of the jury members from the 2023 edition.

Challenge eligibility

Am I eligible to apply?

We welcome startups that are:

  • In the early-stage of development or the beginning of their commercialization phase (up to series A)
  • Based on a new technology, a scientific discovery or a complex engineering process
  • Addressing an industrial, societal or environmental unmet need or creating a new market
  • Composed of a team of at least 2 people
  • Not a subsidiary or spin-off of an existing company