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Why an innovation call?

L’Oréal wishes to capture the latest generation of research technologies with strong commercial potential (or already commercialized) that will be capable of creating nanometric to micrometric (<5 microns) coatings on deformable materials and without impacting too much the deformability (bending, twisting & much less extension) of the material and its original shape.

L’Oréal wants to take this opportunity to join forces with ventures and researchers alike who are trying to use technology to solve environmental issues and come up with environmentally friendly coatings and self-healing materials.

What are we looking for?

L’Oréal is calling on startup businesses that fit the Open Innovation challenge on the following topics:

  • Environmentally friendly coatings applicable to deformable materials – Materials with nano-metric to micro-metric thin film formation and high substantivity for surfaces with different roughness and charges
  • Self-healing materials – Materials with the ability to induce self-healing capabilities to other surfaces


The coatings must have an extremely high affinity for a variety of surfaces:

  • Hydrophobic surfaces (ie those with lipid monolayers)
  • Hydrophilic surfaces (ie those with anionic functional group monolayers)
  • Protein surfaces
  • Non flat surfaces (roughness up to 500nm)/Other desired properties are
  • Stability to rubbing and washing with oil, water and detergents
  • Non tacky
  • Low surface friction
  • Water repellency

The coatings must be applied using environmentally & human-friendly conditions (avoid extreme heat, UV, long processes (>2h)) and avoid controversial ingredients.

Assessment Criteria

  • Feasibility – Proposals should all be realistically feasible using current technology or technology likely to be readily available in the near future and have the potential to be put into commercial production or mass production in the coming future.
  • Innovation & Originality – Proposals must feature new ideas or original technology that is the exclusive work of the submitting team or individual. Proposed solutions should have clear strengths and advantages over existing solutions, if applicable.
  • Environmental Value – The solutions in the proposal must be environmentally & human-friendly.
  • Long Term Potential – Applicants should consider the potential for further investment and long-term commercial development of their proposals.

Winners will receive the following incentives:

  • Mentoring: Opportunity to connect with industry experts, support your project, get feedback and improve your solution!
  • Partnership: Proof of concepts, access to L’Oréal labs when applicable
  • Know-how: L’Oréal extensive expertise in the beauty industry
  • Knowledge: Privileged access to our partner masterclass
  • New Market Opportunities: Support to your startup development

Contact Saurabh Tak at for more info on applications

Deadline to apply: July 10th