An EU- and US-based international goods manufacturer came to us to help them transform 3 winning Digital expression ideas elected by consumers into tangible, relevant and unique solutions.

The partner is a corporate with international footprint in selling & employment, strong brand awareness & long history, commercialization capabilities cross-channels and different product lines targeting a variety of consumer groups. 

Their ambition here is to create the future of handwriting and delight consumers with digital expression solutions that will simplify, enhance, and bring joy in the way they learn, work and create. Consumers should not have to choose between the ease and comfort of pen & paper and the efficiency/versatility of digital.


Hello Tomorrow worked with the partner’s team to organize the challenges, from the framing to the selection process:

  1. Co-design, including value proposition for startups, eligibility criteria, application form, selection process and evaluation/selection criteria
  2. Sourcing of relevant startups
  3. Communication campaign, global and targeted, throughout the challenge
  4. Application platform operation and selection process for the jury
  5. Evaluations and pre-selection, with recruitment and management of experts


Within 3 months, from the first framing meeting to the challenges’ final event:

  • Tailor-made brochures produced by our graphic designer as well as dedicated application platform
  • Over 200 deep tech startups identified that can meet the challenges
  • 25 startups applications
  • 10 experts involved in the jury, equipped with the Hello Tomorrow evaluation forms and grids
  • 5 finalists selected to begin the go/no phase take part in a final pitching events, with hundreds of viewers
  • Ongoing collaborations

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