5 reasons you should volunteer at the next Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Volunteering at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024 is more than just a job, it’s a ticket to an epic journey with an amazing team. Many members of the current Hello Tomorrow team started out as volunteers at the Global Summit, where they connected with our community and got inspired by the event. So, we’re here to tell you why joining us as a volunteer is a valuable experience:

1. Get ready to mingle: Rub elbows with the big shots, networking doesn’t get cooler than this. The Global Summit allows you to connect with leading players in different industries, make friends, and build connections that could last a lifetime. Who knows? You might just meet your future co-founder or mentor!  It’s a really great opportunity for STEM, Business and Management students, or anyone passionate about science & tech, to network. Our speakers come from leading institutions like Stanford and MIT as well as major VCs and industry players like IQ Capital and Ginkgo Bioworks. 

2. Your front-row seat to the future: You can volunteer for half a day or one full day, and enjoy the rest of the event freely as an attendee, including all of our stage talks, networking opportunities, exhibitions, startup pitches, side events and more. As a volunteer, you get a free pass to witness mind-blowing tech unveilings and hear firsthand from the folks crafting the future.

3. Backstage pass to the action: Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a Global Summit? Dive into the buzz, join the dream team, and see how the magic happens! It’s your chance to be part of the show, making it all run smoothly. And importantly, you’re invited to the Global Summit afterparty to celebrate all our hard work!

4. Skill-up in style or find your next dream job: Step up your game and supercharge your skill set! You’ll learn the ropes of event management, problem-solve like a pro, and pick up tips and tricks that can level up your game in any job. What’s more, you can craft your own experience, choosing the area of the event you want to be in and which tasks you want to take on.

5. Shape tomorrow, today: Be a changemaker! Your role as a volunteer isn’t just about lending a hand, it’s about being part of the crew that’s doing something impactful. You’re contributing to something bigger, helping drive the deep tech revolution!

P.S. As if these reasons aren’t enough… but above all you’ll be joining a great team, we promise 😀🚀✨

Join the volunteer team!

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