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Why an innovation call?

Linxens is a global leader in smart components manufacturing and is a dedicated partner to enable connected objects to be smart, reliable and connected to their reading devices.
In a world where digitalization is pervasive, seamless and secure connections are critical to progress, Linxens is ready to open its manufacturing sites to innovative projects looking to scale to industrial and global levels.

What are we looking for?

Linxens is calling on startup businesses that can offer innovative solutions for:

  • Healthcare connected devices
  • IoT for energy and connectivity
  • Environmental sensors

Use case examples

Healthcare and medical devices

Could include wearables, smart patches, point-of-care devices, etc.

Environmental sensors and IoT for energy and connectivity

Could include liquid and gas sensors, telecommunication modules, energy harvesting and storing devices, location and authentication hardware, etc.

Win a unique chance to rapidly scale!

Applicants selected will have various opportunities. Depending on your solution’s maturity, Linxens can tailor its support to your needs:

  • Scale up production for your sensing system and IP
  • Provide industrial and strategic expertise
  • Grant access to a platform for designing a smart system in a single module
  • Build a reliable interconnection between your sensing system and the outside world
  • Manufacture cost-sensitive solutions on reel-to-reel flexible substrates

Am I eligible?

Solutions should be:

  • At least TRL 5 (Functional prototype)
  • Looking for producing high volumes 
  • Providing a clear and differentiating value proposition in their markets


  • Applications close on July 4th
  • Jury selects the most scalable projects by July 8th
  • Linxens and applicants organize business meetings and workshops until Q3 2022
  • Scaling starts in 2023

Linxens in a few words

Linxens builds the most reliable and innovative components-based solutions to enable secure connections and authentication.
It’s the historical leader in the smart card components industry with:

  • 80% of the world uses Linxens’ products every day
  • 110 billion micro connectors have been supplied to the market
  • 4 R&D centres and 7 production facilities in the world

Contact Lucas Maurice at for more info on applications

Deadline to apply: July 4th