The Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Exhibition: 2024

The Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Exhibition: 2024

We’re giving you the chance to wander through tomorrow’s world.

A world where buildings are now carbon sinks, where seaweed has overtaken plastic! A world where we understand cancer and have unique, targeted therapies and where our food system is full of diverse, nutritious and affordable products. ∼80 deep tech startups have been selected to showcase their solutions at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit. But that’s not all.

Large industrial leadersgovernmental bodiesinternational organisations and other ecosystem builders will be exhibiting their products, services and unique delegations from the deep tech ecosystem. Come and discover, get inspired and connect with the people breaking new ground in your industry.



Miraex (Switzerland) Quantum interconnects & repeaters for Broadband Entanglement of quantum resources & high capacity quantum communication. 

Calyo (United Kingdom) Pioneering Next-Generation Deep Ultrasound Sensors for Autonomous Mobility.

OTee (Norway) Create a virtual control system in minutes, deployable on any hardware.

Literal Labs Formerly Mignon Technologies (United Kingdom) A new generation of AI: faster, more energy efficient, explainable.

Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech (Spain) The Analog Quantum Computer building QASICs to bring quantum benefits now.

Kepler (Japan) Developing information-texturing tech, blending the boundaries between physical matter and information.

Büyütech Teknoloji (Turkey) Developing and manufacturing passive-only perception solutions to democratize autonomy.

Qruise (Germany) The Qruise Machine Learning Physicist – a software that works alongside scientists in the lab.

ipsum tek (France) Our business is Robotics, our goal is people and the planet.

Maya Data Privacy (Ireland) Unlock data usage with regulatory compliance & reduced cyber threats with anonymity of live apps.



Blue Spirit Aero (France) Leading the Revolution of Air Transportation.

Astron Systems (United Kingdom) Introducing a dramatically more affordable and flexible orbital launch service for small satellites.

Cosmic Aerospace (United States of America) The future of flight is electric and ultra energy efficient.

Vira Drones (Switzerland) Redefining the Skies for Efficient and Sustainable Cargo Transportation.



Konpanion (United Kingdom) Maah: The Soft Side of Companion Robotics. Blending Well-Being and Comfort with AI-powered Sensing.

Momentum Health (Canada) Leveraging AI to remotely digitize the human body from basic smartphone videos.

Azalea Vision (Belgium) We are revolutionizing eye care through our smart contact lens technology.

Imaginostics (United States of America) Revolutionizing Precision Healthcare: Advancing Diagnostic Frontiers with QUTE-CE MRI Technology.

Cellectric Biosciences (Austria) See Cellectrically. Act Selectively. Energizing electrome-based healthcare with electrodynamic cell modulation technology.

neuroClues (Belgium) The brain’s stethoscope providing biomarkers in a blink.



NitroFix (Israel) Emission-free ammonia, relying solely on renewable electricity, water, and air.

PEROVSKIA SOLAR (Switzerland) We make Solar cells SEXY!

Thorizon (Netherlands) A modular molten salt reactor that transforms nuclear waste into carbon-free energy.

Sinergy Flow (Italy) Pioneering battery solutions for long duration energy storage.

TioTech (Norway) Introducing TitanB – The anode material for faster charging, safer and more durable batteries!

Solaires Entreprises (Canada) Perovskite photovoltaics for devices from smartwatches to electric vehicles. Thanks to Solaires’ technology, in 10 years, every battery driven device will be battery-free!



novoMOF (Switzerland) Solid sorbents for highly efficient carbon capture solutions.

Empyrio (Latvia) Sewage sludge on-site utilization solution for small- and medium-size wastewater treatment plants.

PT Seaweedtama Biopac (Indonesia) Ocean-based solution for a plastic-free world.

Flexpenser (Sweden) Ends spoilage, contamination, spillage, and overdose of liquid delivery systems both at home and in industry.

DEScycle (United Kingdom) Disrupting the metals industry with low-cost, low-impact metal recycling and production.

Advanced Bacterial Sciences (United Kingdom) Solutions for nature, by nature.


FOOD & AGRICULTURE STARTUPS (Germany) Highly functional ingredients to unlock taste, texture, nutrition, and clean label for sustainable food.

Typcal (Brazil) Mycelium fermentation to create a new ingredient for the food industry and promote a circular economy.

Biocentis (United Kingdom) Ground-breaking insect control solutions for a healthier and sustainable world.

Maia Farms (Canada) Farm ethical protein with technology to nourish brains, bodies and planets.

Yeastup (Switzerland) We unlock the potential of yeast to create healthier and more sustainable proteins and fibers at scale.



UGIEL (France) Developing and producing pigments to answer the current and future needs of colors.

Ailurus Bio (United Kingdom) Reinventing biological R&D with programming biology.

Revobiom (France) Leading the upcoming microbiome revolution with its Microbial Evolution Machine.

COnovate (United States of America) Reshaping the battery supply chain with a locally sourced advanced carbon-based biomaterial.

B’ZEOS (France) Developing the Next Generation of Packaging by harnessing the power of Seaweed.

Arda Biomaterials (United Kingdom) Transforming globally abundant waste streams into animal & plastic-free materials.

Photio (Chile) Simulating photosynthesis for clean air using nanotechnology.

Smart Materials (Malta) A paradigm shift in the polyurethane foam industry: safer, greener and comfier.

Cat (Hong Kong) Nano-MAP: High-performance, eco-friendly, antifouling additives.

Biomimica (Denmark) Artificial spider silk as the green material of the future to replace materials such as elastane.

Lymbic AI (United Kingdom) Pioneering privacy-preserving biometric security by using brain waves.

Greenitio (Singapore) Accelerating the transition to sustainable materials with bio-based alternatives to petrochemicals.

Smobya (Hungary) Engineering performance materials in symbiosis with nano-sized artisans.



QPT (United Kingdom) A next-generation power electronics company. Using GaN to drive the world’s electric motors more efficiently.

Tau Group (Italy) Sustainability Meets Innovation: Revolutionizing Magnet Wire to Drive the Future of E-Mobility.

TEEPTRAK (France) Offering user-friendly Machine Learning for Industrial Data: Anomaly Detection & Optimization.

Snap robotics (Singapore) The world’s most economical artificial hand for grasping automation – Multimodal Soft Gripper.

FononTech (Netherlands) Impulse Printing for connecting next-generation sustainable 3D microelectronics.

Yi Shing Group (Hong Kong) Startup engineering company focuses on indoor AI detective systems, fire and smoke control technology.



Baiya Phytopharm (Thailand) We grow the plant of life.

Minos Biosciences (France) WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU SEQTM – First in class discovery platform bridging functional & molecular biology.

APLEX Bio (Sweden) PCR Hyperplexed without compromise.

DNAzyme (Uruguay) Pioneering DNA repair with next-gen photolyases from Antarctic extremophile organisms.

Narval (Mexico) We design unconventional, first-in-class antibody drugs using marine biotechnology and AI.

Actome (Germany) Empowering Precision Medicine: A Robust Single-Cell, Single-Molecule Proteomics Platform for Cancer.

vitropep (France) Making Peptide Drug Delivery Painless, Wasteless and Effortless.



SYSTEM 3E (Poland) The only sustainable, self insulating, jointless construction system in the world.

ParaStruct (Austria) We decarbonise industries and make them circular through our material and manufacturing technology.



Biotope by VIB is an incubator and early-stage investor dedicated to transforming your biotech innovation into a robust, investment-ready venture. We don’t just offer skills training; we also grant you access to state-of-the-art lab and greenhouse infrastructure. When it comes to funding, we offer a substantial €250K in cash funding. Our ecosystem boasts mentors, corporates, investors, scientists, pilot facilities, and experts in your field, providing access to resources and state-of-the-art facilities to help you validate your technology and build your business. Our ethos is human-centric, fostering intrinsic growth within your team by focusing on your strengths and capacities. We support only a select few startups per cohort, ensuring a tailored journey to success.

Cartier Women’s Initiative

The Cartier Women’s Initiative is an annual international entrepreneurship program that aims to drive change by empowering women impact entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006, the program is open to women-run and women-owned businesses from any country and sector that aim to have a strong and sustainable social and/or environmental impact.


CASSINI is the European Commission’s initiative to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the space industry, including New Space, during 2021-2027. The initiative is open to all areas of the EU Space Programme, and covers both upstream (i.e. nanosats, launchers, etc.) and downstream (i.e. products/services enabled by space data, etc.). CASSINI includes a €1 billion EU seeds and growth fund, hackathons and mentoring, prizes, a business accelerator, partnering and matchmaking. CASSINI is implemented by EUSPA, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme.


A major research & technology organization whose mission is to develop and transfer disruptive technologies to industrial partners in 4 main areas: defense and security, digital transition, low carbon energies (nuclear and renewable energies), and healthtech.

CEA in a few figures:

– Leading patent applicant research organization In France and Europe, with more than 650 patents filed each year.

– A cumulative presence in the TOP 100 most innovative companies in the world for 11 years (Clarivate ranking).

– An impressive company creation dynamic, with more than 250 startups created since 1972

– An excellent support for startup projects to ensure their long-term success : 80% are still trading ten years on.


The CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a multipurpose art space which hosts and showcases artist residencies and artistic productions for audiences and artists from around the world. Conceived as a collaborative platform by its director José-Manuel Gonçalvès and his teams, the venue provides access to all of today’s arts from all disciplines. An atypical venue with shops and restaurants, it also boasts free access spaces for artistic practices and activities for young children. For the start-ups that make up its incubator, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a space for experimentation at the crossroads between art and innovation. With urban planning in mind, its cultural engineering team also offers unique expertise for projects around the world.

Climate Salad

A collaborative network of over 520 Australian climate tech companies, researchers, mentors, investors, corporate partners, universities, and government. Climate Salad helps these climate tech companies to scale and grow by connecting them with investors, customers, and capital, with a particular focus on international expansion. We are here with a cohort of Australian climate tech companies ready to solve global climate problems.

Deep Tech Alliance

DeepTech Alliance is a collaboration between deep tech startup support organizations associated with leading European institutions connecting startups with corporates and investors to ensure that high potential European deep tech-based solutions are matched with the capital and market opportunities they need to scale internationally.


With a budget of over EUR 10 billion, the European Innovation Council provides a one-stop-shop for breakthrough researchers & innovators at all stages of development, ensuring a pipeline of ideas and companies that are either ripe for investment now or will be in the future. The EIC aims to accelerate the transition from research and development to real-world market implementation, thereby driving economic growth, creating jobs, and addressing societal challenges through innovation. It achieves that with its three funding schemes, namely the EIC Pathfinder, Transition and Accelerator.


Creating a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable European economy for future generations: As a dynamic collaborative network, the EIT Community tackles global and societal challenges from different angles. Driven by the visionary alliances and initiatives of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the EIT Community breaks down barriers between sectors and connects academia, business and innovators. Through its initiatives, it drives systematic change and strengthens innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in Europe.

European Commission

Established in 2020, the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) leads the European Commission’s activities to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation of the European defence industry and European space sector. DG DEFIS implements the European Defence Fund (EDF) and European Union’s Space programme (EUSpace), notably consisting of the European Earth Observation Programme (Copernicus), the European Global Navigation Satellite System (Galileo), the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) and Space situational awareness (SSA). As part of these programmes, two initiatives address the needs of European entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs: the CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship Initiative and the EU Defence Innovation Scheme – EUDIS.


Genopole, the French biocluster, is dedicated to research in genetics and biotechnology for health and environmental applications, with a threefold mission:
– establishing an advanced research campus in genomics and post-genomics,
– encourage the creation and growth of biotech companies in the Paris region by providing advice and personalised support, including financial assistance.


Inria Startup Studio gives project owners all the cards to start creating a digital Deeptech startup: funding, hosting, support, training, events, network. Many profiles can benefit from the Inria Startup Studio program: PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers or researchers employed by Inria (permanent or not), employees of other French research partner institutions, project leaders (with a technology) outside Inria. 

Intel Ignite

Launched in 2019, the Intel® Ignite accelerator program supports founders whose goal is to change the world for the better using disruptive technology. The 12-week program focuses on all aspects critical to the success of early-stage startups. Global business and technology leaders individually mentor the startups to further accelerate their growth and enable them to successfully realize their breakthrough ideas. The Intel Ignite accelerator program for startups has seen 160 companies participate to date globally, in its programs in Europe, Israel, UK and the US.

La French Tech

“La French Tech” is our startup scene here in France. It’s also a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders.
Our mission ? To make France one of the greatest places in the world to launch and grow global companies that make sense for our future.


Every day, 4,000 researchers in the world work on the diversity of needs of our customers with beauty that is ever more inclusive and personalized. Our ambition is further to contribute to a more sustainable future, thanks to scientific progress and the complementary nature of our expertise in green chemistry, biology, biotechnology and the eco-design of our formulations.


A global leader in polymer materials and innovative technologies for diverse industries such as healthcare, mobility, and electronics. Renowned for pioneering advancements in adhesive and optical films, Nitto excels in developing cutting-edge solutions and services to address global challenges. With a commitment to sustainability and collaborative innovation, we continually shape the future by creating the next wonders of the world. Nitto innovation for customers. 


​​As a recognized international operator in the field of nuclear materials, Orano delivers solutions to address present and future global energy and health challenges. Its expertise and mastery of cutting-edge technologies enable Orano to offer its customers high value-added products and services throughout the entire fuel cycle. Every day, the Orano group’s 17,000 employees draw on their skills, unwavering dedication to safety and constant quest for innovation, with the commitment to develop know-how in the transformation and control of nuclear materials, for the climate and for a healthy and resource-efficient world, now and tomorrow. Orano, giving nuclear energy its full value.

Redzone by SAES

RedZone is a Venture Partnership program for Materials Science startups, by SAES.
Providing know-how in advanced materials, a contribution up to 105.000€, professional mentoring, internal services, an exclusive connection to SAES network of partners and the possibility to use the Research and Scale-up laboratories, we aim to generate real win-win value. The goal? A scalable MVP. The exit? A long term partnerships. The dream? Materializing the future.


An international high-technology group operating in the aerospace (propulsion, equipment and interiors), space and defence sectors. Its mission is to make a lasting contribution to a safer world, where air transport is increasingly environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible. With operations on every continent, the Group holds, alone or in partnership, world or European leadership positions in its markets.

Startup Estonia

Startup Estonia champions innovators with a supportive ecosystem, easy access to resources, and a straightforward regulatory framework. We have a community where groundbreaking ideas transform into Europe’s success stories with most startups, unicorns and VC investments per capita. Join us in Estonia, where visionary ideas meet practical support to create global impact.

Startup Latvia

The dynamic Latvian founder-to-founder support startup community is growing every year thanks to the favorable environment for high-value innovations and various government support mechanisms – startup visas for foreign founders, tax incentives, startup-friendly stock option policies, etc. With about 500 startups, Latvia was named the most startup-friendly country in the world by Index Ventures, attracting a record-breaking amount of foreign investments over the past three years. Welcome to take-off from Latvia!

Team Sweden Tech

Team Sweden Tech is a Swedish platform backed by government agencies and key players in the innovation ecosystem. We unite to present the best startups and scaleups that our world-leading innovation nation has to offer. Meet the companies and learn more about what makes Sweden a unicorn powerhouse.

TNO, 4TU & Techleap

This year the Dutch deeptech ecosystem is represented as ‘Discover Dutch Deeptech’. It’s a collaboration between TNO, 4TU & Techleap. The three organisations individually are dedicated to empowering tech founders, helping to bring scientific-based ventures to market, and creating meaningful opportunities (events & programmes) to get more science to impact.

Zaz Ventures

With their pure success fee approach, they have established themselves as a leading consultancy for the most attractive, yet highly competitive funding programmes—especially the EIC Accelerator, EIC Transition and the Swiss Accelerator. They’ve won over €750M in funding for 120+ clients in the last 3 years.

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