Unlocking growth: The Hello Tomorrow Innovation Engine

Unlocking growth: The Hello Tomorrow Innovation Engine


The Financial Times recently compiled a comprehensive list of Europe’s Leading Startup Hubs, and we were proud to be featured there! Seeing all the dozens of programs out there supporting entrepreneurs, it got us thinking… What sets us apart as an innovation hub? 

We go much further than uncovering the most promising startups in the world every year. At Hello Tomorrow, our DNA is deeply rooted in solving hard problems. The ones that many people don’t dare to approach, or even believe to be impossible. Climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, cybersecurity, global access to food, water, healthcare…our mission is, and always will be, to identify individuals building solutions to these immense challenges, whether they be startups, large companies, or investors, and support them in every way possible. (And believe us, no one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra.)

Over the past 10 years, working so closely with different actors across the innovation ecosystem has allowed us to become very familiar with the trials and tribulations they each face, and their most pressing needs. It is in that spirit that, most recently, we decided to make the most of our unique position in the ecosystem and have launched a new program dedicated entirely to helping large corporations to supercharge their innovation. 

The Hello Tomorrow Innovation Engine

You spoke and we listened. Many of the large corporations we work with have expressed the need to have a dedicated place to discover more about what their peers and other companies in their industry are doing to improve their open innovation efforts. 

Learning how other companies successfully implement their strategies provides valuable lessons and practical insights, and key collaboration with startups, suppliers and even competitors accelerates the adoption of new technologies. 

We have created an International Network allowing business leaders to gain insights from other industry professionals and thought leaders, fostering peer-to-peer learning and the sharing of best practices within a dynamic community, with guided discussions, mastermind groups and workshops on the latest trends. We host 4 programs a year on transformative technologies, in industries such as biotech, advanced materials, AI, renewable energies and health. These programs are meticulously curated to explore emerging technologies and their potential impact on various sectors, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape for each sector. 

What’s in it for you?

By joining the Innovation Engine, you will also have continuous access to our Startup Programs, and be part of the scoping and selection process of each cohort of groundbreaking deep tech startups we welcome to our community. This will uncover a whole world of deal flow opportunities, and help you to discover disruptive technologies to keep you ahead of the curve. You will gain brand visibility among Hello Tomorrow’s extensive network, and establish your company as a thought leader and active participant in the deep tech ecosystem. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shape the future of deep tech, attend exclusive events, networking and collaboration opportunities with the best startups and fellow sponsors. 

Head here to find out more details, and pre-register here to join the program as an official sponsor, and unlock new, valuable opportunities.

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