What are we looking for?


Innovative feedstock production – Sustainable methods to produce marine or terrestrial biomass by preserving natural ecosystems
Nature-based solutions for crops resilience and adaptation to climate change.

Natural ecosystems monitoring solution – Diagnostic and tracking solutions for biotope monitoring at scale.


From agricultural, food & wood co-products or waste.

Carbon capture & utilisation
To produce Intermediates or cosmetic ingredient.

Industrial side streams
Circularity from non-valorized streams in existing facilities.


Improving water quality In&Out
Water filtration, natural-based filtration Water purification, regeneration, recycling and upcycling.

Water harvesting
E.g. atmospheric water harvesting for water stress areas.


Innovative fermentation processes
To unlock efficiency and sustainability potential.

Fermentable raw materials for industrial biotechnologies
E.g. non-food, accessible at scale and at a price competitive with sugar.

Emerging green chemistry processes
E.g. towards new green and non-ecotoxic solvents (volatile and non-volatile)
Mechanochemistry, electrochemistry.

L’Oréal Green Sciences incubator is looking for innovative solutions for impactful collaborations: 

In order to accelerate our revolution and play a key role in the transformation of the cosmetic industry, the L’Oréal Green Sciences Incubator develops a tripartite incubation program between L’Oréal R&I, Genopole and your startup.

  • L’ORÉAL: Complete research teams from Advanced Research to development , Formulation & evaluations (Further collaboration possible after the incubation program: Collaboration, Co-development, Investment)
  • GENOPOLE: Biocluster located just south of Paris, in Evry-Courcouronnes, France. The incubation is 1-year (renewable).


This opportunity is for you if you are: 

  • You are currently developing an innovative solution for cosmetics application or You would like to transpose your solution in development to the cosmetics industry.
  • You are looking for unique lab facilities, business support and technological platforms to bring your solution to the next level and You would like to collaborate with L’Oréal following your incubation at Genopole.

What will you benefit from?

The collaboration will be tailored to your startup’ needs and will include: 

  • Co-innovative mindset – share a common project, team and space.
  • A common team – collaborate with a wide range of L’Oréal experts. 
  • Access to L’Oréal resources – benefit from a privileged access to L’Oréal laboratory facilities.

The incubation programs – according to your needs – will go from an incubation on L’Oréal research sites up to a full-time incubation on the Genopole innovation campus. 

What is Genopole and
What does it have for you?

Genopole is France’s leading biocluster for biotechnologies and research in biotherapy, bioeconomy, and digital genomics in Evry/Corbeil-Essonnes, just south of Paris.

This bio-innovation specific acceleration program adapts to YOUR startup to make a successful transition from technology to financing.

The program is composed of a starter kit and a choice of training courses divided in 4 packs which cover broad fields of entrepreneurship and business management.

A starter kit for all successful applicants:

  • Access to Fully-equipped biotech laboratory based at Genopole (BSL-1 and 2 laboratories)
  • Access to Genopole tech platforms (25 platforms for research and biotech innovation – diversity to cover the totality of biotech-related research domains)
  • Unique ecosystem (Partnership with Evry Paris-Saclay University, 65 certified companies, 17 academic laboratories)
  • Personalized audit of your company at the start and end of the programme
  • Mentor (Scientific mentoring, Entrepreneurial mentoring)
  • Genopole project manager

+ 4 Business support packs offered at Genopole Biocluster: 

  • Market Access
  • Fundraising
  • Key account partnership
  • Communication strategy

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Contact our project lead, Carolina Montealegre ( for any questions.