Shaping the future of food with Bayer Crop Science

Our new Startup Challenge…

On July 13th, Hello Tomorrow hosted a joint webinar with Bayer Crop Science to present and describe the 2021 International Startup Call’s topics, eligibility criteria and prizes.

After last year’s successful Startup Challenge outcome, Bayer Crop Science teamed up once again with Hello Tomorrow to tackle the most pressing issues in life sciences.

This year, Bayer is looking for innovative & disruptive solutions to 3 main consumer challenges for the future of food: the safeguarding of our planet & its inhabitants, good health, and transparency from seed to fridge.

Here’s what you might have missed:

Reflecting on megatrends in agriculture, it has become clear that the sector is becoming more consumer-driven, transparent, and sustainable. As a result, and as the industry leader, Bayer’s innovation efforts need to be in line with consumer expectations such as alternative energy, food security, new proteins, and digitalization/e-commerce.

Bayer complements in-house expertise with the know-how of excellent partners beyond the corporation. With an outstanding track-record in Open Innovation (over 100 technology collaborations, customer-sponsored research initiatives, venture capital agreements and crowdsourcing), the industry leader partnered with Hello Tomorrow to find solutions shaping the future of food through a new Startup Challenge.

The challenge specifically targets solutions in:

  • The safeguarding of our planet & its inhabitants
    With solutions to produce ethically and responsibly, limit carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, manage irrigation and pollutants, as well as ensure resiliency
  • Good health
    With solutions to meet every consumers’ nutritional needs through personalized and nutritious food systems
  • Transparency from seed to fridge
    With solutions in distribution platforms and traceability through blockchain, logistics, or even biological tags

What’s in it for startups?

  • Opportunity for co-development, equity participation, and supplier relationship.
  • Integration into the Bayer Open Innovation Platform.
  • Prototype on a common project, with access to infrastructures and a wide network of experts to boost the development, industrialization, and commercialization.
  • Dedicated point of contact & fast response on collaboration (go/no-go in 3 months to upgrade to next phase.)

Startups have until August 22nd to apply. Don’t miss out…


Watch a replay of the webinar here.

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