10 revolutionary early-stage startups


Walk with Path

Assistive solutions to prevent falls for the elderly and people with Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy or stroke.

"The newest innovation in walking assistance for sufferers from Parkinson's disease. Specifically designed to tackle the issues with Freezing of Gait (FoG), Path Finder provides visual cues in front of the wearer, used to overcome FoG, prevent falls and increase independence."

Lise Pape, CEO

Energy Transitionwinner2017

Dracula Technologies

Even vampires can see the light

"Dracula Technologies designs tailor-made energy solutions thanks to its LAYER® technology (Light As Your Energetic Response) trapping light in order to convert it into energy. This uses an OPV cell manufacturing technique using digital printing which traps light both outdoors and indoors."

Brice Cruchon, CEO


Saathi Pads

Biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibre

"Saathi manufactures biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibre to reduce pad waste, and make pads more accessible. Our patent-pending fibre processing technology converts banana fibre into a soft super-absorbent, without the use of chemicals"

Kristin Kagestu, CEO

Food & Agriculturewinner2017

String Bio

Sustainable, cost-effective and wholesome protein from a novel source.

""Our goal is a world where robust, cradle-to-cradle solutions provide us cleaner ways of living. String Bio leverages methane as a source of carbon to manufacture chemicals and feed/food ingredients.""

Ezhil Subbian, CEO

New Materialswinner2017

Sound Bounce

Developing an advanced acoustic material which functions 8 times better and is 33 times thinner than industry standards.

""Sound Bounce is a novel patented material which provides significantly improved noise attenuation in a smaller package compared to conventional materials. Validated by third party and partnered testing, Sound Bounce is especially powerful at low frequencies.""

Rhona Taghor, CEO

Data & AIwinner2017


Mycroft is the world’s first open source artificial intelligence, democratizing voice control.

""Mycroft is the open source alternative to Alexa and Siri, giving users access to information and media along with control of their smart home - all with a natural voice interface. By 2020 the Mycroft open-source voice platform will have expanded to smart devices, desktop computers, and the automobile sector.""

Joshua Montgomery, CEO


NEXT Future Transportation

We split the bus in 6 units, giving both the benefits of taxi and a public transportation system.

""Revolutionizing the world of mass transportation through an autonomous, modular electric pod, with the size of small van, and shaped like a segment of a bus. This autonomous unit is intended to be a building block of an entire new way of moving people and goods from one place to another.""

Tommaso Gecchelin, CTO



Within 7 years Ampaire will be producing electric passenger aircraft which can fly from Frankfurt to Paris in an hour.

"At Ampaire we are developing high performance electric aircraft and innovating on underlying enabling technologies. We will achieve drastic reductions in operating cost, maintenance, noise, greenhouse gasses and other emissions.""

Kevin Noetker, CEO



CO2 capture technology used to create clean air, water, food and energy for your home.

""Spin-out from the ESA, Skytree's CO2 re-capture process was originally developed to make longer space missions possible by extracting the CO2 exhaled by astronauts onboard of spacecraft.The company's mission is to convert harmful CO2 from the air around us into something useful for our planet.""

Max Beaumont, CEO

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