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From 3D printing technology allowing us to build sustainably on the Moon and Mars, to personalised skin tissue replacement therapy, to generating electricity from plants…

The startups selected have the potential to radically transform the way we live, move, eat, power and run our industries. Check out the full list here!

Advanced Computing & AI

Pasqal (France) – Building highly scalable quantum processors with outstanding calculation power to solve complex problems across x

C12 (France) – Developing a novel, scalable process to manufacture quantum computing chips

Visualix Gmbh (Germany) – Enabling centimeter-precise mapping and localization to create Augmented Reality applications

Kebotix (USA) – Using artificial intelligence and robotics to identify and manufacture new chemicals and materials

UPMEM (France) – Developing a new computer hardware combining the memory chip and processing unit for faster, more energy efficient calculations

MemComputing, Inc. (USA) – MemComputing, Inc’s novel MemCPU™ Extreme Performance Computing (XPC) SaaS delivers quantum computing performance today on any CPU or GPU.

VividQ (UK) – Developing a software solution to allow scalable holographic displays to run in real-time on standard computing power


Sponsored by Safran

AM 4 AM (Luxembourg) – Design of new aluminium alloy powder dedicated to additive manufacturing for greener aircraft

Cedrion (Spain) – Designing and manufacturing more efficient cooling solutions for electronic components

CompPair Technologies SA (Switzerland) – Smart repairing solution for composite materials

Involi (Switzerland) – Safely integrating drones into air traffic by providing real-time air traffic understanding to prevent collisions

Autonodyne (USA) – A vehicle agnostic system enabling fully autonomous flight

Cybersecurity & Communication

CryptoNext Security (France) – Using a new quantum-resistant cryptography to protect data against the quantum computer

Greenerwave (France) – Developing flat panel antennas to unlock seamless broadband communication with ground terminals for Satcom and 5G.

SpeQtral (Singapore) – Offering secure, space-based, quantum communication systems

Aircision (Netherlands) – Developing an optical communication system based on light propagation through the air to connect cell towers and foster the implementation of 5G networks

CB2.0 Communications Inc. (Canada) – Delivering affordable internet to everyone through mini-constellations in hemisphere-wide orbits

Digital Health & Medical Devices

Cambridge Cancer Genomics ( (UK) – Precision AI platform enabling oncologists to give more effective, personalised cancer treatment

TeleMedC (Singapore)  – Multi-functional eye scanner incorporating 3D-printing & AI technology to screen a broad range of ophthalmic, systemic & communicable diseases

AiDx Medical (Netherlands)  – Automating microscopic examination making the diagnosis of tropical parasitic diseases accessible for everyone

Vibrosonic Gmbh (Germany)  – Contact lenses for the ear : invisible, high-fidelity hearing system for the hearing impaired

Cirqle Biomedical (Denmark)  – Giving women access to zero compromise contraception with a new method using mucus engineering

Drug Discovery

iktos (France) – Developing a deep learning algorithm to enable the design of novel drugs

Immaterial (UK) – Developing a new drug-delivery platform for targeted delivery and slow-release of therapeutics (Germany) – Designing an AI for the analysis of biomedical data to improve R&D decision-making

VemiCo Ltd (UK) – Addressing unmet medical needs by discovering and developing microbiome derived molecules with therapeutic effects

Lumento Therapeutics (Netherlands) – Developing light-activated cancer treatments, enabling safer and more targeted treatment of localised cancer

Osivax (France) – Revolutionising influenza prevention with a universal flu vaccine for both current and future Influenza A and B variants

RS Research (Turkey) – A “smart” chemotherapy that elicits its effect once it reached the cancer


Bioo (Spain) – Generating electricity from plants

SolCold (Israel) – Building patented nanotechnological material to harness the sunlight for cooling, and reduce the cost and emissions of existing cooling systems and air-conditioning

CSAR Energy (Canada) – Building a reactor using solar energy to produce clean hydrogen

SurgePower Materials, Inc  (USA) – Pushing nanotechnology frontiers with a new method to cost-effectively manufacture graphene from the cassava crop 

e-ZN Inc. (Canada) – Repurposing zinc metal to offer a low-cost and long-duration energy storage solution and accelerate renewable energy markets

TwingTEC (Switzerland) – Using drones to unlock the full power of wind, harvesting more energy than wind turbines with a fraction of their structure and material

Agora Energy Technologies Ltd. (Canada) – Powering the Future with CO2: A transformative Carbon Dioxide Redox Flow Battery to enable the global energy transition


Sponsored by IFP Energies nouvelles

Nuventura (Germany) – Building a safer and more efficient energy grid free from SF6 – the most potent greenhouse gas to date

Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc. (Canada) – Capturing greenhouse emissions to build product solutions in multiple industries

Celadyne Technologies  (USA) – Re-envisioning the fuel cell membrane to reduce the cost of hydrogen-generated electricity and facilitate its use as an alternative to fossil fuels

Nexsis (Australia)  – Creating the ‘Smart Panel’ to produce clean drinking water and renewable energy from a single solar powered device

Nanogence SA (Switzerland) – Reducing the cost of production and carbon footprint of cement with smart additive materials to revolutionise the construction sector 

Terrafuse  (USA) – Physics-enabled AI for climate risk prediction

Food & Agriculture

NANOSUR LLC (USA) – Providing a safe alternative to chemical pesticides, protecting crops without editing their genome

Sponsh (Netherlands) – Reducing water shortage using a temperature-sensitive, water producing textile that uses only the natural temperature cycles of day and night

Shiok Meats Pte. Ltd.   (Singapore) – A cell-based clean meat company, that makes seafood and meats from cells instead of animals

Phytoform Labs Ltd (UK) – AI-driven gene discovery for new crop traits to make agriculture more sustainable

UbiQD, Inc. (USA) – Using quantum dot technology that red-shifts the sun’s spectrum to make plants in greenhouses grow faster and better

Orbem (Germany) –  Combining artificial intelligence with MRI to save chicks from an unnecessary death and revolutionize the poultry industry.

Industrial Biotech

Sponsored by DSM

Haelixa Ltd. (Switzerland) – Bringing transparency to businesses with DNA markers that provide traceability to all stages of the supply chain

Napigen (USA) – Using CRISPR technology to edit mitochondrial DNA 

Tinctorium (USA) Using microbes to grow colours to make the dye industry more sustainable

Swedish Algae Factory (Sweden) – Using algae to produce unrivalled materials to enhance solar power efficiency

Cellulosic Technologies Ug (Germany) – Building sustainable, toxic and waste free cellulose technology to meet consumer needs in the personal and home care sectors.

Zymtronix (USA) – Enabling high perfomance biocatalysis using a novel enzyme immobilization platform technology

Industry 4.0

Plasmion Gmbh (Germany)  – Simplifying and enhancing chemical analysis to detect disease-causing pathogens or emissions through its developed “electric nose sensor”

Teratonics (France) – Developing novel non-destructive testing solution that allows to detect defects inside and on the surface of a given object

Sentea  (Germany)  – Widely applicable fiber optic sensing that collects data from multiple points and distributed over long distances

Visevi Robotics Gmbh (Germany) – Building camera-based sensors to enable the large-scale use of smart service robots

Elwave  (France)  – Providing vehicles and robots with a real-time 360° perception of their environment

Kumovis GmbH  (Germany) – 3D printers to provide economical, sustainable and industrial-grade quality medical products

Medical Biotech

X-Zell (Singapore) – Facilitating early cancer diagnosis by detecting rare cells in small blood or tissue samples

Cartana AB (Sweden)  – Highly detailed bio-maps of tissue samples

CUTISS AG (Switzerland)  – Delivering permanent, personalised skin tissue therapy to improve the lives of skin transplant patients

Chameleon Biosciences, Inc. (USA) – Improving gene therapy by suppressing the immune response

PhagoMed BioPharma Gmbh (Austria) – Advancing phage-based therapies to fight bacterial infections 

Unima (Mexico) – Using fast and low-cost surveillance technology, allowing diagnosis of disease directly at the point of care without using lab equipment


Sponsored by SNCF

GBatteries Energy Canada Inc. (Canada) – Accelerating the use of electric vehicles by providing ultra-fast charging

EIFHYTEC (France) – Developing a safer and more reliable hydrogen compressor to store hydrogen in refueling stations for electric vehicles

Serinus Labs, Inc. (USA)  – Ensuring the safety of Li-ON batteries in the automotive industry with trace level hydrogen sensors

FibreCoat  (Germany)  – Developing a cost-efficient, high-performance and sustainable light weight material to reduce fuel and energy consumption throughout all areas of mobility

Hydromea (Switzerland)  – Developing semi-autonomous underwater drones to eliminate safety risks of manned entry into complex, confined flooded spaces

Spectralics (Israel)  – Creating a hardware development kit for imaging applications

New Space

Sponsored by ArianeGroup and Airbus Ventures

Manastu Space Technologies (India) – Developing the world’s most efficent green fuel and engines for spacecraft

Mission Control Space Services Inc.  (Canada)  – Building a mission control software platform that enables automated space operations

Algacraft LTD  (UK) – Automated algae cultivation for food and oxygen production on Mars

Smart City

Sponsored by LEONARD (VINCI Group)

Watertower Robotics  (USA)  – Developing a robot that creates an interactive 3D map of the pipe network and accurately locates any leaks to allow municipal water companies to save water and prevent infrastructure damage

Metalmark Innovations, Inc.  (USA)  – Combating indoor air pollution with a platform technology making coating materials that effectively break down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which cause chronic illnesses, cancer, and trigger heart attacks.

IPSIIS SAS  (France)  – Providing affordable and fire-resistant insulation solutions for sustainable housing and energy conservation in industry

Dynaxion Security  (Netherlands)  – Increasing global security with an automatic security scanner that can accurately identify explosives, drugs and other dangerous products down to the atomic level

ECOncrete Tech Ltd  (Israel)   – Providing robust, environmentally sensitive concrete solutions to eco-engineer coastal and marine infrastructure

InSensus Project srl  (Italy)   – Facilitating the transport of drinking water with a Structural Health Monitoring Sensor System that monitors the condition of water infrastructure to clearly indicate leaks


Next stop, the Global Summit in October 2020, where our jury of experts made up of scientists, investors, corporates and entrepreneurs will select the winners of each category and the best one will be awarded the Grand Prize of €100K by our Worldwide Partner BNP Paribas! See you there! 

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