Global Summit 2021 | Let’s twist (and shout!)

Let’s twist (and shout!)

As the saying goes “the only source of knowledge is experience” and for that, we are grateful to you 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic, as the world was experiencing a major upheaval, we had to postpone our annual Global Summit one week before the opening, and then later switch it up for a fully virtual gathering. True to our DNA, we tested the boundaries of what was normal and possible. We took the time to explore new concepts, new formats, and see from experience what worked and what didn’t. We launched a “Future of Events” survey to allow us to gain an even more precise understanding of how profound the changes driven by this pandemic both have been, and will continue to be. Spoiler Alert: they’re both massive and minimal.

Our goal with the Global Summit has always been to offer our Deep Tech community, worldwide, the best environment to grasp the future and accelerate business. A place where you can convene, discuss, challenge and thrive. The virtual experience has been amazing in the sense that it has brought together an even wider community, from long-time supporters to brand new people who joined us during our “Open Day”.

Yet 2021 is not 2020. The event industry has to reinvent itself. The consensus seems to be that virtual events are there to stay. Being able to discuss with relevant peers without leaving the confines of your home/office, and then dive back into the regular stream of work is something precious that each of us has come to appreciate.

Still, many crave the face-to-face interaction that we have been so deprived of in the last months. Networking can be virtually recreated, but at the same time, nothing beats sharing an impromptu coffee while discussing the point the previous speaker just made on stage.
Thus, it seems we are entering The Age of the Hybrid Event, aka “things are happening at the same time, both in a physical space and a virtual one”. We believe that both worlds have tremendous advantages in and out themselves. But awkwardly (or not so awkwardly) smashed together, the cons start to add up: two-speed networking where the virtual crowd is having a hard time interacting with the in-person one; timezone nightmares; feeling like you’re missing out because you’re not glued to your screen while walking around in a venue… And the dreaded “Zoom” fatigue!

At Hello Tomorrow, we’ve taken another road. Hybrid, yes. But not simultaneously.

A fully in-person Summit

We are so happy to tell you that our Global Summit will take place fully in-person in Paris, on the 2nd-3rd December 2021. We believe that there is a fundamental need for human connection; for touching and feeling, and our aim is to bring together all our stakeholders in a safe environment.

So get ready for our full experience: our fantastic speakers, our gorgeous stages, our Global Startup Challenge, our VIP events and our Deep Tech Pioneers showcasing their tremendous work.

Don’t worry, we have a contingency plan. If the context prevents us from a physical gathering, we will fully refund tickets or offer a 2022 ticket. We are optimistic, but not fools!

Fully virtual events throughout the year

Moreover, we are launching The Core by Hello Tomorrow on 11th February. We will host virtual events throughout the year, allowing people to share ideas during short sessions, allowing you to take a break and widen your horizon without crossing an ocean to do so. Thanks to two highly curated newsletters, aimed at deep tech startups and deep tech corporate leaders, we will guide our community through interactive experiences, deep analysis of trends by experts, peer feedback, online 1to1 meetings and more…

We firmly believe that content and experience are two sides of the same coin. Content should be carefully crafted for the media it’s being delivered on, be it online or in-person. At Hello Tomorrow, we are bringing you the best of both worlds in 2021.

Join us!

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