The Cartier Women’s Initiative has been supporting women impact entrepreneurs for more than 10 years. Recognizing the ever-growing number of impact focused ventures based on scientific and technological innovation, their team decided to launch a new program targeting deep tech impact women entrepreneurs from any country and sector.

To account for the specificities of these ventures (heavy R&D, long commercialization cycle, high capital intensity, technology risk and complexity), the Cartier Women’s Initiative relied on the expertise of Hello Tomorrow to co-design this new program and run the associated challenge.


Hello Tomorrow worked with the Cartier Women’s Initiative team to co-design the award, organise and manage the application and selection process:

  1. Co-design, including value proposition for startups, eligibility criteria, application form, selection process and evaluation/selection criteria.
  2. Sourcing of relevant startups
  3. Communication campaign, global and targeted, throughout the challenge
  4. Application platform operation and selection process for the jury
  5. Evaluations and pre-selection, with recruitment and management of experts


Within 3 months, from the first framing meeting to startup preselection:

  • A dedicated application platform with an extensive form allowing thorough due-diligences of ventures
  • A tailor-made brochure produced by our graphic designer matching Cartier Women’s Initiative established guidelines
  • 1,000 startups identified meeting the eligibility criteria
  • 222 applications
  • 10 experts involved in the jury, equipped with the Hello Tomorrow evaluation forms and grids
  • 15 startups pre-selected for this Science & Technology Pioneer award

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