Source emerging technologies and connect with deep tech startups to bring innovative solutions to your needs.

working with the right startups

Let us help you define your needs

Is your company looking for external innovations to improve operations or develop new products & services, but doesn’t have time to source, then meet dozens of startups?

We can help you source the best innovations in the world and connect them with your teams, allowing you to focus on creating real value for your company and clients.

the startup challenge

How does it work?

A 2-3 month, end-to-end program leveraging a large ecosystem, where we play the role of a trusted third party, and bring simplicity and efficiency to maximize return on investment.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve been curating and engaging with 18,000 high potential startups that are willing to explore new markets with large companies. To foster the right collaborations, we developed the Startup Challenge.

discover the process

2-3 months to create value

Why Hello Tomorrow?

Our unique capabilities

A deep knowledge of corporate and startup needs

The world’s best deep tech startups within your reach

Leverage the momentum of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Stories from our clients

They say it better

Helping you to define your needs

Hello Tomorrow is more than just a platform to spread the word of your challenge.

We have spent 6 years supporting startup-corporate collaborations in all industries, which allows us to precisely understand your needs and constraints.

We will help you frame the competition, as well as your value proposition, in order to engage startups that will effectively answer your specific needs.

Finally, we can help you assess the potential impact of the technologies thanks to our internal and external knowledge and experience.

Leverage our network

Hello Tomorrow is a reference when it comes to deep tech and emerging technologies.

For the past 6 years we’ve run our own Global Challenge, covering all industries.

Today, it represents a close and qualified network of more than 6,000 deep tech startups, in addition to an extended network (all applicants to the past Challenges) of about 15,000.

Our network and experience in running challenges allow us to quickly identify the startups (from your industry, or others) that will match your specific needs.

The epicentre of deep technology

More than 3,500 people from our global deep tech community (research labs, accelerators, startups, investors and corporates) will gather in Paris and online on October 22nd – 23rd.

This will make it easier for you to convince startups to join from all around the world, to meet you and pitch to your jury.

Your collaborators will also benefit from the Global Summit by networking with key stakeholders as well as getting inspiration from the conferences.